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Triplette crew ejects 6th player this season


Week 10: Packers at Titans (video)

A complicated set of circumstances combined, which referee Jeff Triplette worked out correctly after consulting the entire crew. The fouls that occurred:

  • Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion  beat the snap and got through the offensive line with no resistance for an encroachment
  • Guion also knocked down Titans quarterback Marcus Mariotta, when it was clear there was no play because of the encroachment. This was an unnecessary roughness foul.
  • Titans lineman Trevor Lewan confronted Guion, as expected when your quarterback was hit unnecessarily. No foul was called here, which was correct.
  • When being separated, Lewan pushed back against back judge Steve Freeman. This was an unsportsmanlike conduct foul, and an automatic ejection for Lewan.

When working out these fouls, they must be handled in a systematic order to be assessed properly. The original play was 1st-and-10 from the Titans 15.

Since there is no snap, these are dead-ball fouls. The unsportsmanlike foul is against an official, and any foul against an official is  assessed as a “between-downs foul.” It does not combine to offset other fouls. The remaining fouls are handled first: the encroachment is declined to enforce the Packers’ roughness foul. This is an automatic first down with the 15 yards.

The chains are reset with the first down. Now, by rule, between-downs fouls are assessed. This marches the 15 yards back to the 15-yard line, but the chains stay as they are. That made a 1st-and-10 into a 1st-and-25 from the same yard line. This is correctly enforced, even though confusing.

An unusual circumstance would have been created if the play originated from the 10-yard line, because the Packers foul would still be 15 yards, but the Titans foul would be half the distance to the goal.

This is the sixth ejection recorded by Triplette’s crew, with the previous five occurring in the last four weeks. All ejections were warranted or required under the 2-unsportsmanlike-conduct disqualification rule.  

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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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24 thoughts on “Triplette crew ejects 6th player this season

  1. Strange, I’ve seen players shove officials in the super bowl, and nothing got called.
    Of course, that same SB saw about 10 players being held on 1 play, yet not 1 holding was called.

  2. Hooray for the underdog. Jeff T. is one of the least-respected NFL referees–at least here in DC he’s always being run down on sports talk radio.

    I’m glad to hear that this was spot-on in terms of administration.

    Score one for the good guys!

  3. This crew is a disgrace. A total disgrace. It’s sad the Bergman is stuck with this crew of misfits.

    You want to know why ratings are down … Just look at this sorry garbage. First of all, Triplette is clearly the worst white hat in the league. Get him off of the field already. Sarah has no freaking idea of what she is doing. Get her back to where ever. She is not qualified to be a high school white hat. Stop the idiotic PR crap. Players should not be getting randomly DQ’d. Stop it!

    Now, looks like Steve freeman has joined the ranks of hopelessly incompetent. Hey, idiot ( yes you Freeman) – don’t put your hand on a guy (77) protecting his QB from a total cheap shot. Put your hand on the GB player. If anyone should have been tossed – it was Guion.

    This crew should be fired. Put Bergman out there as a replacement for one of the incompetent HLs. There are a few who are not so good.

  4. Al and mv

    You think Triplette did well here?

    Get a clue.

    No O-lineman can sit back and watch that. Guion deserved worse.

  5. anothertypicaldayinthenfl: I shared that gif in the other thread on the calls this week. How that guy stayed in the game without even so much as a flag was unreal then and now.

  6. TQ NYG better know as CLUELESS! You must be 100 years old because what you are saying is at least that old. No O’lineman will sit back and not protect his QB is correct, BUT he will also suffer the consequences of doing so and in today’s game that is an ejection. So he did his job and had to pay the price. Keeping the game under control is one of the key responsibility of the officials and if they allow the game to get out of control then you have the Giant/Panther fiasco of last year officiated by ‘you know who’!. Even MMA has rulesk! IF the powers want the game under control and players ejected for various unsportsmanlike act, then the officials have to follow suit. GET REAL, the only official I can recall who did not follow his bosses command is … and how he is still in the league is beyond me. Anderson screwed up and should’ve been suspended for at least one game no doubt in my mind, other have been suspended for less. Triplett stepped up and took control, great. Others need to do the same and these incidents will stop occurring. God you are a stone head. ‘benny in the bronx’ ‘first time caller’. Or better yet Freddy Flintstone! BTW, ratings were up this week because the games were better or the fact the election was over, as was the World Series. So you can stop worrying, the owners will be making more money going forward!

  7. So, in your opinion Al, the Triplette crew is the best because they have kept order by ejecting 6 players this year.

    And, the other crews need to get their acts together and start ejecting more players?

  8. Triplette ejected 6 players because 6 ejectable offenses occurred. The other crews were not in similar circumstances.

  9. From the sideline: NO, I didn’t say that. What I said was it’s obvious Triplette’s crew learned from what has happened in the past and didn’t let it happen to THEM, vs not listening and doing his own thing like some other officials have done in the past. Remember this rule is here because one of the crews from last year didn’t take control. Each incident has to be taken separately and UNLESS you have studied them all, you have no idea if they is right or wrong. I haven’t read anything where his BOSS has said they were WRONG for the DQ’s, so assume he was RIGHT! another one with low reading comprehension! is this VINNY from the Bronx??? call WFAN and let Mike tell you what he thinks.

  10. Ben –

    Know anything about statistical analysis and standard deviation?

    When the league has 11 ejections and 17 crews and one crew is responsible for 6 of the 11 ejections, what does that tell you?

  11. Hey Al-

    Do the math, if you can.

    One crew – out of 17 – is responsible for over half of the ejections. That is proof of their inability to do their jobs properly.

    I am guessing you played as many downs of football as Sarah did. You wouldn’t understand coming to a teammates aid, because you are soft.

  12. TQ/Clueless/Freddie Flintstone: GET with the program. BACK in YOUR day they played with leather helmets too. It’s a new day. Wake UP! As an official you work the game as it’s played. If the players play, fine, if they don’t and act up you handle it so it doesn’t get OUT OF CONTROL!!!! GET THE MESSAGE! REMEMBER THE GIANT PANTHER GAME FROM LAST YEAR??? IT was an embarrassment to the league and to the officiating staff.

    Let’s put it this way, I played more downs, innings, quarters and periods then you and your boy #77 for sure!

    Be happy for a change, OBJ didn’t act like a two year old and get a penalty to hurt the team this week.

  13. hey al – you are a broken record of dumbass comments about “controlling the game”. I am guessing your IQ is in the high double digits, making you functional but extraordinarily dull. Therefore, you can’t comprehend the fact that the Triplette crew is 20 times more likely than the other crews to eject a player.

    This is a statistical aberration that is unacceptable. The Triplette crew is at fault.

    I am not that old. Manhood has never disappeared. Someone cheap shots the QB… he must pay. You wouldn’t know, as you are as much a man as Sarah Thomas.

  14. Would it have been legal for the Titans to decline the personal foul and accept the encroachment? If so, that would have moved it from 1st-and-10 at the TEN 15 to 1st-and-5 at the TEN 20. Then the between-downs Titans foul would go half the distance to the goal, making it 1st-and-15 at the TEN 10.

    On the one hand, it seems like this might create a simple 5 vs. 15 situation (encroachment vs. unsportsmanlike) and thus the Packers’ foul would be ignored. But it was also stated that the unsportsmanlike against an official cannot combine/offset with other fouls, so would 5 vs. 15 not apply?

    If legal, this would have been a trade of 5 yards of absolute field position for 10 fewer yards to get to the line to gain, which seems like it might have been a reasonable trade-off.

  15. I watched this game and the officiating was awful. At one point I was commenting that the officials had lost control of the game and the players. It was starting to get really out of hand – a penalty every play. Ridiculous. This can happen especially in a blow out (the Packers were never in the game, especially the second half). The players and coaches were so frustrated and confused by the awfulness of the officiating that they simply stopped caring. It was a crap game with crap officiating. Any wonder Americans are turning away from the NFL and TV audiences are decreasing. The worst had to be the official with a football in his hand, backing up towards the sideline, and the ball is snapped and play halted and he drops the football he had in his hand onto the field about ten yards in from the sideline. Now there are two balls on the field? You could see the players and coaches (as well as we fans watching at home) saying – “WTF?!”

  16. TQ_Clueless_Freddie Flintstone

    YOU just don’t get it! You are a FAN and not an official. Go an ask mcauley the next time you two have a cocktail together. Pull your head out of your A.. and get up to speed the real world of todays’ game. You can stand up for your QB but you are going to pay the price. BTW Freeman played in the league for a bunch of years so if anyone was going to cut someone slack it would be him. The more you talk the more YOU sound like SARAH! You killed Morrelli’s crew last year and now it’s Tripletts crew. READ between the lines. Try writing Roger and see what he thinks. He’ll really care what an Ahole like you says, I’m sure!
    See ya, Benny From the Bronx, first time caller

  17. Leave Triplette alone, it’s really hard to fix a game and make it look real. I think he’s a master

  18. Al-

    You still don’t get that the officials are not supposed to be noticed. You are not bright enough to understand, so it is not your fault.

    But – keep spouting the tough guy stuff. I know you never played a meaningful down. If you are ever at metlife.. ask for TQ and we can have a chat.

  19. Bob – Triplette is not smart enough to fix dinner let alone a game.

    The good news is that he is the lone incompetent white hat. All the others are at least reasonable.

    The bad news is there are plenty of incompetent LJ, HL, BJ, U, SJ and FJ officials working NFL games. All the while there are dozens of great officials in the Power 5.

  20. TQ : I finally have to agree with you on something. there are plenty of good officials in the Power 5 and YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM! BUT I AM!!

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