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Officiating crews for the 2016 season

Football Zebras has obtained the officiating crew rosters for the 2016 NFL season. This season, three new officials have been hired and only one retired. There are five veteran officials designated as swing officials, up from three last season, who will move between crews through the season. Those swing officials include two umpires, a line judge, and two deep wings.

After four officials were promoted to the referee position in the last two years to fill vacancies, there are no new “white hats” this season.

The league disbanded the replay assistant staff and opted to cover the position with regional assistants. Most, if not all, of the previous staff were not retained.

Crew members are listed with their years of NFL experience, including the upcoming season, the crews they were on last season, the college attended, and occupations. Nine veteran officials have changed positions, which are indicated at the bottom of each crew list.

*indicates an official who is on the same crew as last season.

         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 122 Brad Allen 3    Pembroke State non-profit CEO
U 11 Fred Bryan 8 * Northern Iowa superintendent, juvenile correctional facility
HL 48 Jim Mello 13 * Northeastern facilities manager
LJ 100 Tom Symonette 13 * Florida certified public accountant
FJ 97 Tom Hill 18 * Carson Newman teacher
SJ 118 David Meslow 6 Boger Augsburg College marketing manager
BJ 83 Shawn Hochuli 3 * Claremont financial advisor
  • Replay official:  Jim Lapetina
  • Position changes: T. Hill (SJ→FJ), Meslow (FJ→SJ)


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 66 Walt Anderson 21    Texas college officiating coordinator, retired dentist
U 40 Butch Hannah 18 * Middle Tennessee State retired federal probation officer
HL 6 Jerod Phillips 1 NA Northeastern State elementary school teacher
LJ 18 Byron Boston 22 * Austin tax consultant
FJ 117 John Jenkins 3 Vinovich St. Mary’s sales executive
SJ 125 Laird Hayes 22 * Princeton owner of football camps for high school and youth
BJ 119 Greg Wilson 9 Corrente USC law enforcement
  • Replay official:  Billy Smith


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 34 Clete Blakeman 9    Nebraska attorney
U 128 Ramon George 1 NA Lenoir-Rhyne vice-president, operations
HL 94 Hugo Cruz 2 * Texas-Pan American investment manager
LJ 36 Tony Veteri† 25 Triplette Manhattan College physical education teacher
FJ 29 Adrian Hill 7 Hochuli Buffalo software engineer
SJ 73 Joe Larrew 15 * St Louis attorney
BJ 17 Steve Patrick 3 * Jacksonville State owner, supply company
  • Replay official:  Rich Reels
  • Position change:  Veteri (HL→LJ)
  • †Substitution: Veteri out (undisclosed) weeks 9-17, replaced with an official on a bye week


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 23 Jerome Boger 13    Morehouse College retired commercial insurance underwriter
U 49 Rich Hall 13 * Arizona custom cabinetry
HL 134 Ed Camp 16 Morelli William Paterson physical education teacher
LJ 8 Dana McKenzie 9 (swing) Toledo claims adjuster
FJ 103 Eugene Hall 3 Anderson North Texas federal agent
SJ 87 Walt Coleman IV 2 * Southern Methodist financial advisor
BJ 112 Tony Steratore 17 * California (Pa.) co-owner, supply company
  • Replay official:  Carl Madsen
  • Position change: McKenzie (HL→LJ)


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 51 Carl Cheffers 17    California-Irvine sales manager
U 71 Ruben Fowler 11 Morelli Huston-Tillotson retired firefighter
HL 79 Kent Payne 13 * Nebraska Wesleyan teacher
LJ 47 Tim Podraza 9 * Nebraska corporate real estate
FJ 88 Brad Freeman 3 * Mississippi State sports park director
SJ 1 Scott Novak 3 * Phoenix sales manager
BJ 63 Jim Quirk 7 Vinovich Middlebury financial advisor
  • Replay official: Charles Stewart


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 65 Walt Coleman 28    Arkansas manager dairy processor
U 44 Jeff Rice 22 Blakeman Northwestern attorney
HL 74 Derick Bowers 14 McAulay East Central sales representative
LJ 16 Kevin Codey 2 * Western New England middle school physical education teacher
FJ 43 Terry Brown 11 Blakeman Tennessee probation supervisor
SJ 76 Alan Eck 1 NA Bloomsburg State tax manager
BJ 111 Terrence Miles 9 Cheffers Arizona State quality control manager
  • Replay official: Lou Nazzaro


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 99 Tony Corrente 22    Cal State-Fullerton college officiating coordinator
U 64 Dan Ferrell 14 * Cal State-Fullerton director, parts logistics and supply chain management
HL 13 Patrick Turner 3 Hochuli Cal State-Long Beach plant manager
LJ 2 Bart Longson 2 * Brigham Young co-founder and CEO, digital finance company
FJ 82 Buddy Horton 18 * Oregon State water service worker
SJ 75 Rob Vernatchi 13 Morelli California-Riverside enforcement investigator
BJ 30 Todd Prukop 8 Anderson Cal State-Fullerton medical sales representative
  • Replay official:  Russell Yurk
  • Position change: Yurk (replay assistant→replay official)


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 85 Ed Hochuli 27    Texas-El Paso attorney
U 19 Clay Martin 2 * Tulsa high school basketball coach
HL 98 Greg Bradley 8 Parry Tennessee chemical engineer
LJ 59 Rusty Baynes 7 * Auburn-Montgomery general manager, safety services
FJ 104 Dale Shaw 4 Morelli Allegheny pharmaceutical sales
SJ 55 Alex Kemp 3 Triplette Central Michigan insurance agent
BJ 93 Scott Helverson 14 * Iowa sales, printing and promotions
  • Replay official: Tom Sifferman
  • Position change: Shaw (BJ→FJ)


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 35 John Hussey 15    Idaho State sales representative, retail logistics group
U 115 Tony Michalek 15 * Indiana USA Football officiating director
HL 106 Wayne Mackie 10 * Colgate director of operations, housing
LJ 107 Ron Marinucci 20 * Glassboro State vice president, novelty cone company
FJ 86 Jimmy Buchanan 8 * South Carolina State insurance agent
SJ 56 Allen Baynes 9 * Auburn realtor
BJ 61 Keith Ferguson 17 * San Jose State sales
  • Replay official:  Mike Wimmer


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 77 Terry McAulay† 19    Louisiana State college officiating coordinator
U 96 Undrey Wash 17 Cheffers Texas-Arlington claims controller
HL 91 Jerry Bergman† 15 Coleman Robert Morris sales executive
LJ 68 Tom Stephan 18 * Pittsburg State business broker
FJ 15 Rick Patterson 21 Morelli Wofford banker
SJ 120 Jonah Monroe 2 *      
BJ 39 Rich Martinez 3 Coleman Canisius sales manager
  • Replay official:  Earnie Frantz
  • †Substitutions:  McAulay out weeks 1-3, replaced with referee on bye week. Jerry Bergman injured preseason weeks 2-4 (torn meniscus) with various substitutes.


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 135 Pete Morelli 20    St Mary’s high school principal
U 92 Bryan Neale 3 McAulay Indiana sales consultant
HL 22 Steve Stelljes 15 Anderson Friends business planning manager
LJ 101 Carl Johnson 13 Blakeman Nicholls State full-time official
FJ 67 Doug Rosenbaum 16 Allen Illinois Wesleyan financial consultant
SJ 41 Boris Cheek 21 Coleman Morgan State director of operations and management
BJ 12 Greg Steed† 14 McAulay Howard computer systems analyst
  • Replay official: Tommy Moore
  • Position change: Cheek (FJ→SJ)
  • †Substitutions:  Steed out weeks 11-17 (undisclosed), replaced with an official on bye week.


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 132 John Parry 17    Purdue financial advisor
U 131 Mark Pellis 3 * Allegheny financial advisor
HL 5 John McGrath 15 Boger Kentucky vice president of sales
LJ 45 Jeff Seeman 15 Boger Minnesota brokerage sales
FJ 26 Jabir Walker 2 * Murray State math teacher
SJ 7 Keith Washington 9 Corrente Virginia Military Institute program financial analyst
BJ 46 Perry Paganelli 19    Hope College retired high school administrator
  • Replay official:  Bob McGrath


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 114 Gene Steratore 14    Kent State co-owner, supply company
U 129 Bill Schuster‡ 17 Coleman Alfred insurance broker
HL 123 Ed Walker† 3 * San Jose State real estate management
LJ 108 Gary Arthur 20 * Wright State president, commercial printing company
FJ 116 Mike Weatherford 15 * Oklahoma State energy trader
SJ 25 Bob Waggoner 20 * Juniata College retired probation officer
BJ 105 Dino Paganelli 11 * Aquinas College educator
  • Replay official:  Paul Weidner
  • †Substitutions:  E. Walker out (torn quadriceps) weeks 10-17, replaced by swing official Spanier (LJ→HL).
  • ‡Crew changes:  Ellison was originally placed on Steratore’s crew, but was out beginning preseason week 2 through regular season week 8, returning as a swing official. Schuster was moved from a swing official to Steratore’s crew.


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 62 Ron Torbert 7    Michigan State attorney
U 121 Paul King 8 Vinovich Nicholls State school teacher
HL 37 Jim Howey 18 * Erskine College director of adult education
LJ 84 Mark Steinkerchner 23 * Akron vice-president
FJ 50 Aaron Santi 2 * Southern Oregon middle school principal
SJ 80 Greg Gautreaux 15 Parry SW Louisiana athletic programs manager
BJ 38 Greg Yette 7 * Howard defense contractor
  • Replay official: Bill Spyksma


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 42 Jeff Triplette 21    Wake Forest restructuring consultant
U 14 Shawn Smith 2 * Ferris State internal auditor
HL 32 Jeff Bergman 25 * Robert Morris president and chief executive officer, medical services
LJ 53 Sarah Thomas 2 Morelli Mobile pharmaceutical sales representative
FJ 3 Scott Edwards 18 Torbert Alabama environmental engineer
SJ 109 Dyrol Prioleau 10 * Johnson C Smith manager, law firm
BJ 133 Steve Freeman 16 * Mississippi State custom home builder
  • Replay official:  Al Hynes
  • Position changes:  Jeff Bergman (LJ→HL). Edwards and Prioleau were initially swapped in their positions when the roster was first released, but they returned to their positions for preseason.


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 52 Bill Vinovich 12    San Diego accountant, former NFL officiating supervisor
U 102 Bruce Stritesky 11 (swing) Embry Riddle airline pilot
HL 110 Phil McKinnely 15 * UCLA inventory control
LJ 9 Mark Perlman 16 Parry Salem teacher
FJ 72 Michael Banks 15 McAulay Illinois State carpenter foreman
SJ 60 Gary Cavaletto 14 * Hancock general manager, agricultural operations
BJ 78 Greg Meyer 15 Hochuli Texas Christian banker
  • Replay official: Darryll Lewis
  • Position change:  Meyer (SJ→BJ)


         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
R 4 Craig Wrolstad 14    Washington athletic director
U 31 Barry Anderson# 10 Steratore North Carolina State builder/developer
HL 28 Mark Hittner 20 * Pittsburg State investment broker
LJ 10 Julian Mapp 8 * Grambling State software QA tester
FJ 33 Steve Zimmer 20 * Hofstra attorney
SJ 21 Jeff Lamberth 15 * Texas A&M attorney
BJ 27 Lee Dyer 14 * Tennessee-Chattanooga sales manager
  • Replay official:  Larry Nemmers
  • #Number change: B. Anderson (20→31) in Week 2 in honor  of umpire Chad Brown

Swing officials

         Yrs 2015 crew College Occupation
U 124 Carl Paganelli 17 Torbert Michigan State retired federal probation officer
U 81 Roy Ellison‡ 14 Wrolstad Savannah State technical staff member
LJ 90 Mike Spanier† 18 Vinovich St Cloud State middle school principal
FJ 95 James Coleman 12 (swing) Arkansas electrical engineer
SJ 89 Jon Lucivansky 8 Coleman Minnesota college educator
  • †Substitution:  Spanier was placed on Steratore’s crew in week 10 for E. Walker (injured).
  • ‡Crew changes:  Ellison was originally placed on Steratore’s crew, but was out beginning preseason week 2 through regular season week 8, returning as a swing official. Schuster was moved from a swing official to Steratore’s crew.
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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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47 thoughts on “Officiating crews for the 2016 season

  1. It was more than the Baltimore game. For whatever reason, this crew was just snakebit last year. For Morelli, it was very surprising to us to see that his crew had so many issues. I don’t think it was a leadership problem, although that cannot be entirely ruled out as an issue. The league often splits up a crew when it has underperformed. Perhaps a new crew chief would help. Maybe an adjacent official helps improve a transplanted official’s performance. If an official can’t show sufficient improvement, then the process of putting an official on probation and ultimately terminating him/her will begin.

    It seems like a slow process, but you should expect your employer to exhaust all avenues before terminating you.

  2. Can they request anything about the crew like who they want to work with or don’t want to? Or is it just information – “this year you are in this crew, period”

  3. What Happened to Darryll and why is he not on gene’s crew anymore as a reply official?

  4. Requests are granted, but they are weighed against the overall needs of the department. Is there an incoming rookie who would benefit from being adjacent to a Super Bowl official? Are there vacancies on other crews to be filled, either through retirement or reassignment? Also, the league is going to avoid placing too many newer officials on the same crew, especially 1st- and 2nd-year officials.

    In the past, crews were assembled regionally, roughly east/west, but that constrained the ability for the league office to put a weaker umpire in the east with the top referee in the west, for example.

    There are personality conflicts as well, much as one would expect with any cubicle-farm job, and the league does factor that in to an extent.

    There usually is some change to each of the crews every season, although a first-year white hat generally holds over the entire crew into the second year.

  5. Why have we been seeing increasing SJ/FJ switching in the past few years? Is the league much keener now on individual officials and their place on a crew/ mentoring newbies that the few particulars of these positions don’t matter as much?

    I wonder with Veteri & Bergman as two 25-year veterans making the HL/LJ switch if that will become more common, too.

  6. I believe that Jeff Bergman will enter his 26th season, not his 25th. His first year was in 1991, just as Jim Tunney, who wore 32 for years, retired.

  7. The source is the NFL Record and Fact Book, and we carry forward information from year-to-year. (Occasionally we may drop a number or have an older occupation listed as a result.) I checked against the 2015 R&F book, and it has “24th year” for Jeff Bergman. I’ll do some checking to see if there is a discrepancy with the NFL’s listing. Thanks!

  8. Hi Ben. I don’t have yet, the 2016 Directory from the National Football League Referees Association and, just to clear, the 2015 edition shows that Jeff Bergman is a NFL official since 1991. Hope you can use this information.

  9. Irrespective of the 25-26 Bergman years, I’m still interested in the bigger conceptual question – what philosophy is behind the increased SJ/FJ shifting? What effect does it have on officials wanting to get to the Super Bowl (i.e., all of a sudden the colleagues you are competing with are different?) and with Bergman/Veteri are we going to start seeing that at HL/LJ too?

  10. 11 of the 17 crews have changes at Umpire, including some rather experienced Umpires making moves from crews they had been on for a number of years (Rice moving from Clete Blakeman’s Crew over to Walt Coleman; Wash moving from the Cheffers crew over to Terry McCauley’s). Since the Referee/Umpire pairing works rather closely together, what is the story behind these moves?

  11. Wow, that Triplette crew is going to be awful. Poor Jeff Bergman and Steve Freeman.

    How does Hugo work as a HL with Veteri as an LJ. Tony is going to have to help Hugo all game long. Luckily, Tony is a real pro and obviously a great R on that crew.

    And, yeah Morelli deserved a break. Now he has a reasonable crew.

  12. Informative piece , I am thankful for the analysis – Does someone know where my company might locate a blank IA DoR 31-014b example to fill out ?

  13. Hi Lelah, my work colleague used a fillable IA DoR 31-014b example here

  14. How surprising that BJ/Greg Steed has been switched off last year’s crew. Wonder if it had to do with his R throwing him under the bus after the Giant/Jag game? Won’t be surprised! 4 out of 6 new officials on that crew, Huh!

  15. Tony V has his work cut off for him, no doubt. Cruz does not belong and unless he improves a bunch very soon he may find himself on the outside looking in. I’ve been told officials can request to not be assigned on the crew they were with in the previous year which maybe the reason #77 lost 4 of the 6 from last year. Morrelli’s crew just didn’t work. Might have been the pressure of trying to carry the rookie. Rumor is she finished very, very, very far down the list at her position. If she wasn’t a she, she have to be worried going into this year, but with that extra factor she has, some how she’ll survive. Shame she is taking a spot away from a deserving official.

  16. I thought officials wearing headsets was to speed up the game. Every game officials constantly gather on penalties. Can’t the official making the call tell the referee what the call is on his headset and play on? The line judge or head lines man makes an illegal procedure penalty call and runs towards the ref. For what use the headphones and be done with it. To me if that isn’t the purpose of the headsets they are a complete waste of money and time. If that isn’t their purpose please let me know what’s the point of the headphones Thank you.

  17. Has NFL gone from 2015 bad to 2016 really bad! Obviously wrong officiating calls during Miami – Dallas and Arizona-San Diego games. Any kid could have made better calls without a slo mo video. What are you thinking? Why bother with officials?

  18. I haven’t seen the games yet. Could you clue us in to which calls you are referring to? I’m sure you are aware this week the 8th official was used and most of the crews had ADP officials sprinkled in but not necessarilary at the ‘new position’.

  19. I watched the Arizona/SD game last night and thought overall the crew did pretty good. They called a defensive offside on a play that should’ve been shutdown for unabated, but not a big deal. The OPI/pick call was tight, but I think that’s the way they are told to call it during the pre-season. The one possible controversial play was the hit over the middle that could’ve been helmet to helmet and while it looked bad on the TV tape, you really need to see the coach’s tape to confirm one way or the other, but it did look bad. Lastly on the pass play that was ruled catch/fumble which was later overturned to DBC, they followed the philosophy rule of when in doubt let replay fix it. By ruling catch fumble, they did just that. The 8th official looked fine and the ADP official looked good and overall fit in. So I thought they did good!

  20. Keith: if you are asking which conference, then it depends on where the game is being played. At ND, I suspect the B10, if at MSU then I’d say ACC crew. Most of the time ND allows visiting teams to bring their officials to South Bend.

  21. It’s at ND at it was the B1G officiating crew the last time these two teams played each other in South Bend as well. Thanks.

  22. After being in Cleveland Stadium yesterday with John Hussey’s crew, I will go on record and say they are by far the worst crew I have ever seen. Smug, Arrogant, making phantom calls and not making proper calls. The Terrelle Pryor call at the end of the game looked like a conspiracy call. Enough said. There were many no calls, holding, hit on McCown when he was down, and a call on Coleman for personal foul when everything was started and ended by the defender. I know this is Hussey’s second game as a Referee, so I hope the NFL is watching him closely because he sucked yesterday. I know I am supposed to say underperformed…. but he Sucked.

  23. I didn’t watch that or the Lions/TN game but Twitter has been blowing up since the Lions game yesterday saying that officiating crew was absolutely terrible for BOTH team and I guess one of the calls went against the Lions that cost them the game.

  24. Keith: Hussey is a vet and so are the members of his crew, so there shouldn’t be issues. Maybe chalk it up to a ‘bad day’? It’s not like Hussey’s first year in the league, he should know what’s what.

  25. Ron: True. Hey look #77 dodged the bullets last year in the Giant/Panther game and that was a horrible display of officiating.

  26. Great talking with you. I live in Columbus and I see the Bengals got hosed too. Take care and looking forward to the rest of the season because being a Browns season ticket holder means I see it live. Television time outs when the officials are together laughing and talking about how great they are. It was almost Bottlegate again.

  27. Al, not only are you the biggest whiner I’ve ever seen on this site, but now you’re the biggest hypocrite too. John Hussey’s crew has a bad game capped with a horrible nonexistent unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and you chalk it up to “a bad day”, yet Terry McAulay’s crew also has a bad game with all the Norman-OBJ nonsense last year and you crucify him for months on end. It can’t be both: either Hussey’s as bad as McAulay or McAulay just had a bad day too.

  28. No Al, that’s not good enough. Since you can’t be convinced that McAulay’s crew had a bad day, then say that Hussey is horrible & then I’ll believe you.

  29. Wade: BTW I prefer a sharp cheddar with my whine (Red)! If you want more details, here they are. As for Hussey, making the change from LJ to R isn’t going to effect his judgements calls, if they were good as a LJ then they should be good as an R. Plus he would not have been moved to R if someone in the NFL didn’t think he was a good official and a leader. If you ever officiate any sport you know many calls are subjective (especially holding and pass interference)and even though there is a criteria for each, its still up to the individuals interp. Now the one thing any official in any sport never wants to be accused of is losing control of the game. It was very apparent MCAULAY’s crew lost control of the game and HE as the crew chief had an opportunity to take control or regain control of the game and he didn’t step up. Regarding the incidents which occurred downfield he could’ve inserted himself into by suggesting to the calling official to DQ the player and add unsportsmanlike to the fouls. Then when OBJ launched himself and targeted Norman in the HEAD it happened directly in front of him, the Umpire saw it and flagged it and he just watched, another opportunity to take control. Then when his ‘boss’ reminded him it’s ok to DQ players and he will be supported was another opportunity, again he passed. What more does he need to step up and take control. I’d rather see a missed holding call or two then see the game get out of control. Let’s continue, least we forget ‘bottle gate’ where he made up his own rule and went to replay after the next play, NOT in the rules, he missed a illegal motion call in the SB which put the Broncos in a hole they were never able to get out of, he messed up the coin toss forgetting to give the captains their choice before giving the coin to Joe Willie, WRONG AGAIN, the last Referee who did something like this was Phil Luckett and he lost his white hat and became a BJ. Go back and watch the Referee from the Big 12 who worked the SC/ALa game take control and DQ a player when need be. Same Referee did an outstanding job at the Rose Bowl with the coin toss, he didn’t choke! Then recently reaming out one of his crew mates for missing a meaningless spot on a punt out of bounds in a meaningless preseason game is not very PROFESSIONAL. Should I continue…. I’ll end by saying IMO he is OVERRATED. I’d rather see Gino or Big Ed, or Vinovich, or …. on a game then HIM.

  30. Ok Al, there’s a lot to dissect, so I’ll do it in steps.

    1.) The things you said about Hussey are correct. I’ll grant you them.

    2.) Nobody is arguing that things got out of hand; everyone knows that there should’ve been ejections. However, just because there weren’t means nothing. Some officials don’t like to eject players, which is something that should be applauded; keep them in the game at all costs. Also, blame the other deep officials for not stepping up as well. A crew fails together, you should know that

    3.) Regarding bottlegate, read this article that’ll change you’re perspectives (copy and paste the link if need be:

    4.) SB 48 coin toss was an honest mistake which can happen to anybody, the 1st penalty in that same game was the correct call, stuff a big 12 referee does is irrelevant to the discussion, there’s no evidence that the preseason game happened (though I’m sure other white hats have done similar).

    5.) It doesn’t matter what you think because the league has McAulay’s back & holds him in high regard along with the other refs you named. If you really can’t stand him, don’t watch the NFL until he retires.

  31. “Some officials do not want to eject players”!!!! what section of the rulebook is that in? I must have missed it when I read it! Correct a crew lives and dies together, BUT as the CREW CHIEF he needed to step up. Honest mistake, by a veteran referee working the SB, nah, maybe by a rookie working his first HS game, not the SB, He CHOCKED. No way was the first penalty a correct call. Back moving forward at the snap is a dead ball, false start foul, has been for many years, unless MCCALUY has his own rulebook, HE CHOCKED. Watch the Eagles game and see for yourself, someone else reported that here and I just picked up on it, and yes other white hats have done similar BUT not at that level, maybe in Pop Warner, totally unprofessional. The reason I bring up the B12 referee is in comparison to how a situation should be handled, in a pressure situation he didn’t CHOKE! lastly you are right it doesn’t matter what I think, but I have a forum to express my opinion on the subject so I do. I try my best not to watch him because whenever I do I find too many cases of him making mistakes and it makes me sick. So I will take your advice on that point.

  32. It was just a bloody coin toss Al. Watch it again; everybody laughed it off because they knew it was a mistake; nothing more, nothing less. The defense didn’t jump when the “back moving forward” moved forward. Ergo, no false start. I did watch the particular game & didn’t see the incident involving McAulay & Monroe, so maybe you’re right, but no one cares. Good on the B12 ref for stepping up; probably a scab from 2012, but still good on him. I notice that you didn’t touch upon bottlegate, so I guess the article changed your mind. I’ll end with this; either bash all the refs or bash none of them, because they’re all on the same level.

  33. It was a false start, not calling it caused a safety! which now means the Bronco kick off and give up 9 points and never get out of the hole. That is a game impact call. The defense does not have to react to a false start, its automatic! Guess you failed the last rules quiz you took. Again, I can choose who to bash based on their being inept and He is INEPT and OVERRATED! BTW you can buy a rulebook online if you choose to! Have a great day

  34. Believe whatever you want Al, I know what I know, which is that ALL NFL officials are great, no one is inept and/or overrated & it’s your fault if your jealousy of not making the big-time clouds your judgement.
    Please stop commenting here if all you’re going to do is whine about 1 official who you should look to as an inspiration & let the grownups have their forum back.

  35. You obviously know NOTHING about officiating. All people do on this forum is complain about officials, so why should I stop. The only person inspired by MCCAULY is MCCAULY and if you don’t want to see it or admit it that’s your issue. You are right I am jealous of good officials like Big Ed, Dino and Vinovich and they do inspire me to be the best official I can whenever I go out on the field to work my game.

  36. And yet you’re here with us & not in the NFL. Maybe if McAulay was your inspiration, you’d be a big-time official & we could all take you seriously. The other thing is that everyone else complains about ALL officials; no one is off limits. With you, that’s not the case. That’s why you should stop.

  37. Yeah I seriously doubt that you’re in the NFL “Al” because why would a current NFL official devote so much energy into badmouthing a colleague on a website? Plus, if you are in the league, wouldn’t it make sense to reveal your identity to us? I could be wrong (and if I am, please do reveal yourself to us) but I doubt I am.

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    know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.

    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience.
    Any help would be enormously appreciated!

  39. Your half assed attempt at refereeing games this year sucks. Yall should be fined for the horrible job you have done this year. You make even lifetime NFL fans want to quit watching the game, because week in week out yall screw teams over out of chances to win games. Ridiculous garbage calls and no calls this year!

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