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Super Bowl XLIX liveblog: Seahawks vs. Patriots


Coverage of the calls in Super Bowl XLIX.

Yrs 2014 crew College Occupation
R 52 Bill Vinovich 10 Vinovich San Diego accountant, former NFL officiating supervisor
U 129 Bill Schuster 15 Coleman Alfred insurance broker
HL 8 Dana McKenzie 7 Morelli Toledo claims adjuster
LJ 9 Mark Perlman 14 Leavy Salem teacher
FJ 25 Bob Waggoner 18 Steratore Juniata College retired probation officer
SJ 97 Tom Hill 16 Allen Carson Newman teacher
BJ 111 Terrence Miles 7 Anderson Arizona State quality control manager
ALT R Carl Cheffers 15 Cheffers California-Irvine sales manager
ALT U Fred Bryan 6 Allen Northern Iowa superintendent, juvenile correctional facility
ALT LINE Rusty Baynes 5 Vinovich Auburn-Montgomery general manager, safety services
ALT DEEP Barry Anderson 8 Torbert North Carolina State builder/developer
ALT BJ Todd Prukop 6 Cheffers Cal State-Fullerton medical sales representative

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13 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX liveblog: Seahawks vs. Patriots

  1. Bad call by Vinovich… When you hit the plant leg of a punter it is a 15 yard penalty not the 5 yard running penalty called.

  2. A little “NUDGE” in the back in front of the stripped shirt is overlooked. Long reception for Seattle…………

  3. All those flags, and 1 penalty is called? NE didn’t do _anything_? What a joke.

    (At least they threw the flag, unlike the end of the game a couple years ago)

  4. bpm, there has been a major push from the NFL brass to get the instigator and not have offsetting fouls if at all possible. Personally I think it would be better served by having the rules committee make a personal foul for instigating not offset against anything and then flag the participants and offset just those

  5. Also missed the trip on the Patriot defender…but that only lead to a 3 and out and the game winning drive.

    So there’s that…

  6. Gronk got in more swings then anyone else… But of course, the zebras somehow missed that. Now we can move on to other interesting topics, like what meaningless punishment will NE get for deflategate.

  7. In my opinion, I think they should have called Roughing the Kicker on that play where New England punted rather that Running into the Kicker, because contact was made to the kicking leg which is supposed to be roughing, not running into the kicker.

  8. Gronk went on television and tells Fallon that he knew it was the last game so he was throwing haymakers. Fine? Suspension for next year one game?

    And a question: Had he been ejected would he have been allowed on the field for the trophy ceremony?

  9. Missed Matthews push off on Harrington , probable trip by Butler, and should have been 15 on the punter interference call. Even, or slight advantage to Hawks on these plays. Irvin was clear instigator, too.

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