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‘Official Review’ Week 3: a hideout and TD wipeout




The semiregular “Official Review” segment appeared for (I believe) the first time this season on NFL Total Access. Vice president of officiating Dean Blandino addressed two calls (video):

  • The hideout play executed by Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (which we covered Sunday) was reviewed. Blandino added this illegal maneuver is legal maneuver between the goal line and the 32-yard line on either half of the field. In addition, this can also be executed from any yard line on the opposite sideline. (Note: I believe Manziel participated in the previous down, but if he was entering as a substitute, he would be required to enter as far as the field numbers before lining up that far out.)
  • Also presented was the Monday night fumble call that gave the Jets the fumble recovery on the replay reversal. The Jets are grousing this robbed them of a touchdown, because their offense was unable to gain a single yard, resulting in a punt. Referee Jerome Boger’s call killed the fumble play, which took a replay to clearly see that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was not down by contact prior to the fumble. Blandino added some extra commentary on the perspective Boger had, and why Blandino supports the call made in real time. That said, I do understand the frustration of the Jets, but a few years ago, these calls were not even reviewable. The Jets were at least granted possession of the ball in the end.