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Conference Championship referees set: Corrente for AFC, Steratore for NFC


The assignments for the championship title games referees are now set. Football Zebras announced last week that Tony Corrente and Gene Steratore were heading these crews, and Fox Sports analyst Mike Pereira has determined the games they are working. The announcement was made on Fox Football Daily on Fox Sports 1.

Corrente will be in Denver for the Patriots-Broncos game, working his 13th postseason assignment and his fourth conference championship. (He also worked five wild card playoffs, 3 divisional playoffs, and Super Bowl XLI.)

Steratore will in Seattle for the 49ers-Seahawks game, working his seventh postseason assignment and his second conference championship. (He also worked two wild card playoffs and three divisional playoffs.)

The full crews are not yet known, however it appears that Steratore will have his umpire, Bill Schuster, in Seattle. The crews will be posted here when we confirm them.

We have one more game to figure out. (Not counting the Pro Bowl, but we will post that assignment, too.) Who do you think is this year’s Super Bowl referee?

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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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7 thoughts on “Conference Championship referees set: Corrente for AFC, Steratore for NFC

  1. Great choices, though I was pulling for Steratore to be in the Meadowlands after his awesome season — and insights with Peter King. I expect that will go to Morelli or McAulay.

  2. So… does the intrepid staff at zebras know if that crew will be the Jets or the Giants crew?

  3. I don’t believe the NFL spent much time deciding which personnel were assigned to the game. I would assume that one backs up the other this particular year

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