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CallsChampionship liveblog: Patriots at Broncos

Championship liveblog: Patriots at Broncos

AFC Conference Championship

afc_champFollow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Patriots-Broncos conference championship from Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. (If you see continue reading below, click it to see the entire feed.)

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Today’s crew his headed by Tony Corrente.

      Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 99 Tony Corrente 19   Cal State-Fullerton college officiating coordinator
U 121 Paul King 5 Vinovich Nicholls State school teacher
HL 79 Kent Payne 10 Cheffers Nebraska Wesleyan teacher
LJ 35 John Hussey 12 Hochuli Idaho State sales representative, retail logistics group
FJ 4 Craig Wrolstad 11 Hochuli Washington athletic director
SJ 97 Tom Hill 15 Winter Carson Newman teacher
BJ 119 Greg Wilson 6 Corrente USC law enforcement
  • Alternates: Bill Leavy (backfield), Rusty Baynes (line), Michael Banks (deep)
  • Replay official: Carl Madsen
  • Replay assistant: Gene Cunningham
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20143:19 pm

5 of the 7 officials are current or former teachers. (Corrente stopped teaching to take the officiating coordinator position in the Pac-12.) It is the most common profession among the entire officiating staff (infographic)

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20143:22 pm

This is Tony Corrente’s 13th postseason assignment: 5 wild card playoffs, 3 divisional playoffs, 4th conference championship, and Super Bowl XLI.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz January 19, 20143:28 pm

4:25 | 1st qtr. #32 of the Patriots should have been flagged for defensive holding on a pass play to the goal line.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20143:32 pm
3:43 | 1st qtr. Broncos — Matt Prader 27-yard field goal. Broncos 3-0.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20143:36 pm

4:25 | 1st qtr.On the non-call for defensive holding, the infraction occurs near the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being in the air. Since the ball is not in the air, it has to be a holding penalty, not defensive pass interference. The receiver was pulled off his vertical axis enough to draw a foul.

The later contact on the play would not count as pass interference, because the receiver and the defensive back were both engaging in mutual contact.

Mark Schultz Mark Schultz January 19, 20143:37 pm

:48 | 1st qtr. Looks like back judge Greg Wilson caught the Patriots throwing an illegal pick to spring the WR.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:09 pm

13:36 | 2nd qtr | video On the play where Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib was injured, he was in a collision with Broncos receiver Wes Welker. Since Welker was not watching the ball and Talib was, this should have been called as offensive pass interference on Welker.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:11 pm
7:50 | 2nd qtr. Broncos — Jacob Tamme 1-yard touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. Broncos 10-0.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:12 pm
2:54 | 2nd qtr. Patriots — Steven Gostkowski 47-yard field goal. Broncos 10-3.
Mark Schultz Mark Schultz January 19, 20144:16 pm

2:07 | 1st qtr. Good holding call on Denver’s #75. He took the defender down. Corrente with the call.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:25 pm
:25 | 2nd qtr. Broncos — Matt Prader 35-yard field goal. Broncos 13-3.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:30 pm

No replay reviews as of halftime. Nothing close so far but, interestingly, both coaches had a horrible record with the red flag in the regular season: Bill Belichick 1 challenge, 0 reversals. John Fox 7 challenges, 1 reversal

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20144:59 pm
7:52 | 3rd qtr. Broncos — Demaryius Thomas 3-yard touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. Broncos 20-3.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20145:24 pm
12:02 | 4th qtr. Broncos — Matt Prader 19-yard field goal. Broncos 23-3.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20145:36 pm
9:26 | 4th qtr. Patriots — Julian Edelman 7-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady. Broncos 23-10.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20145:43 pm
7:00 | 4th qtr. Broncos — Matt Prader 54-yard field goal. Broncos 26-10.
Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20145:45 pm

7:00 | 4th qtr. Some of the early question marks on the pass interference/holding that wasn’t called have become a non-issue. Corrente’s crew is rolling along well, and now it’s time for a strong finish.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20145:53 pm
3:07 | 4th qtr. Tom Brady 5-yard touchdown run; 2-point conversion run was short. Broncos 26-16.
Mark Schultz Mark Schultz January 19, 20146:16 pm

There were a few tight, controversial calls and non-calls in the secondary early in the game, but in the end, those calls did not impact the outcome of this game. Corrente’s crew can be proud of their efforts, as can the people at 345 Park Avenue.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20146:23 pm

Tony Corrente and his crew proved today why they were worthy of the conference championship assignment.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20146:29 pm

14:31 | 3rd qtr A collection of three penalties were assessed, and all offset. Pass interference called on offense and defense plus an offensive holding foul.

It is unusual to have offsetting pass interference fouls, but it does happen. If a receiver-defender combo engage in back-and-forth contact, offsetting fouls are not called; in this case, no flag is thrown. The exception is if there are two separate acts, so if a receiver is guilty of an infraction on the line, the defensive back can still create a defensive foul at the end of the play.

On this particular play, the fouls occurred in two different locations on different receiver-defender sets, so offsetting fouls are called.

Ben Austro Ben Austro January 19, 20146:56 pm

Broncos 26-16, final

Penalties, 9. Patriots 2 for 15 yards, Broncos 4 for 34 yards. On one play, 2 Broncos fouls and a Patriots foul offset (representing 1/3 of the flags for the entire game)

Replay reviews, 0.

6 thoughts on “Championship liveblog: Patriots at Broncos

  1. If that was OPI against the Pats, why wasn’t it against the Broncos on the play where Welker hits Talib and injures him? ( ball in air Welker ducks down into Talib as he is coming across toward the ball).

  2. Big impact on game – the 2 (1 called) OPI calls – one took the Patriots out of FG range and the non-call kept the Broncos TD drive alive.

  3. The one most related to the position that went down.

    What is this crazed man-love for alts with this board? They have as much chance of getting in as I do getting a date with Kate Upton.

  4. MarK: Disagree that “those calls did not impact the outcome of this game” the OPI that was called took the Pats out of FG range early, and the non-call on Welker could have ended the Broncos first TD drive had it been called. Biggest play of game was Pats losing Talib for remainder of game.

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