Dean Blandino is the VP of officiating for 2023 XFL

The XFL is slated to reboot the reboot in spring of 2023. They now have their head of officiating. Dean Blandino, the former NFL senior vice president of officiating and Fox Sports rules analyst, will once again preside as the head of officiating in the XFL, as he did in their

Former referee Mike Carey named 2022 NFLRA Honoree

Former referee and CBS Sports officiating analyst Mike Carey, who officiated in the NFL for 24 seasons, was selected by the National Football League Referees Association as their annual honoree. The NFLRA announced Carey's selection last week. The award is given to an individual for their work on the field and

NFL Officiating is holding a clinic for USFL officials

The last business the NFL had with the USFL was March 15, 1990, when they issued a check for $3.76 to pay the judgement in its antitrust case plus interest. Now, its head of officiating is actively working with the officiating staff of the in-name-only successor to the defunct league. The

Umpire Tra Blake promoted to referee position

Umpire Tra Blake, who will be entering his third season as an NFL official in 2022, has been promoted to the referee position, to replace 27-year veteran referee Tony Corrente. The announcement was posted on Twitter by the NFL Officiating account. In his rookie season in 2020, he served as a

Is the NFL preparing for an officiating leadership shakeup?

There is a widespread belief that the NFL is preparing to shake up the officiating leadership this offseason. Officiating, in general, has been struggling in various ways in recent seasons, and it appears the league is prepared to make some moves in the front office. Several sources have indicated that Walt

Eyes turn to incoming officials and a new referee

The 2021 NFL season has come to an always abrupt halt. The confetti is swept off the Sofi Stadium floor and we now prepare for the 2022 season. But, before the NFL kicks off its 103rd season with the Hall of Fame Game in August, the officiating office has some

Super Bowl LVI officiating crew by the numbers

As we approach Super Bowl LVI, let's break down the officiating crew by the numbers. 1. Half of officials in the Super Bowl era get the assignment (and half do not) A total of 411 people have officiated at least one season in the Super Bowl era (not including replacement officials). In

College all-star games are used as an NFL officiating pipeline

Since the termination of NFL Europe in 2007, the NFL lacked a way to evaluate prospective officials. That all changed in 2013 with the creation of the development program. Officials in this program typically officiate games during the NFL preseason and then return to their respective collegiate conferences for the