Cutler fined $20K for arguing with ref; Titans owner gives $ ¼M, 1-finger salute

Couple of stories of the NFL handing out fines for conduct: Backtracking to Week 9, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was fined $20,000 for arguing a call with referee Ed Hochuli. Cutler was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Much like Chad Ochocinco's $1 facetious bribe the same day, this is

NFL quickly suspends Panthers’ Wesley 1 game for flagrant hit on punt returner

Justice came swift for the Panthers Dante Wesley for his hit on Clifton Smith of the Buccaneers that we described as being like a runaway locomotive. (He was ejected for the hit with 10 seconds remaining in the second quarter.) We expected an announcement either today or tomorrow, but the

Runaway locomotive hit on fair catch spawns ejection, brawl, maybe suspension

Week 6: Panthers at Buccaneers Dante Wesley of the Panthers was ejected for a flagrant hit on kick returner Clifton Smith of the Buccaneers. Smith called for a fair catch, and Wesley flattened him to the turf long before the ball even got there. It was penalized as both fair-catch interference

Will Flozell Adams’ 3rd trip in 3 weeks mean 3rd consecutive fine this season?

Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams may be fined for a third consecutive week in the three-week-old 2009 season—which, we believe, would be unprecedented. To date, Adams was fined $5,000 in the season opener for helmet contact against the Buccaneers. In the Week 2 Sunday Night Football game, Adams administered two

Titans’ Jones fined $5,000 for DQ

For his involvement in a sideline fight during the game with the Texans, Titans defensive tackle Jason Jones received a $5,000 fine. (He was also ejected from the game.) This is surprisingly light, as the disqualified Jones was shown pumping up the crowd for support on his way to the

NFL fines MVP Holmes $10,000 for unpenalized end-zone celebration

The NFL announced, through Adam Schefter's blog, that Steelers' receiver Santonio Holmes was fined $10,000 for his end-zone celebration by using the ball as a prop. The celebration came on the game-winning touchdown of Super Bowl XLIII. Vice-president of officiating Mike Pereira acknowledged on the NFL Network after the Super Bowl