Pereira: Officials botch two penalty enforcements in Week 3

Last year it was a rash of inadvertent whistles.  This year the officials are having trouble enforcing penalties.  Former NFL vice president for officiating and current Fox Sports rules analyst Mike Pereira says the officials missed two penalty enforcements in two different games on Sunday. Pereira broke down the play in Minneapolis

Rule rewrite on coach’s challenge misapplied

Week 3: Browns at Vikings (video) Update: Bill Leavy interview with pool reporter is below, video link from Deadspin is above. Bill Leavy's crew is now two down on very costly, very visible downgrades. In both cases, it wasn't judgment calls that proved to be wrong, but it was a misapplication of

Quick Calls: Week 3

We are reviewing the calls that we see during the Sunday games here in our liveblog. Did you see a call or a rule interpretation that was unusual? Leave us a message in the comments or connect with us on Twitter @footballzebras. Week 3 referee assignments 8040

Week 3 referee assignments

Jerome Boger, seen here in Kansas City last week, will have his crew in Cincinnati on Monday night. Gene Steratore's crew has the week off. Assignments are compiled with the assistance of Thursday, Sept. 19 Chiefs at Eagles NFLN — Walt Anderson Sunday, Sept. 22 Texans at Ravens — John Parry Packers at Bengals