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Quick Calls: Week 3

week3We are reviewing the calls that we see during the Sunday games here in our liveblog. Did you see a call or a rule interpretation that was unusual? Leave us a message in the comments or connect with us on Twitter @footballzebras.

Week 3 referee assignments


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11 thoughts on “Quick Calls: Week 3

  1. Demarco Murray fumbled the ball when attempting to touch the pylon. Then the officials in the booth didn’t review it and make the right call. The next series the officials didn’t call a hands to the face when Sam Bradford was tackled. The officials generally miss calls when Dallas is playing at home. They are now beginning to pile up. The kick return a legal block that announcer said was legal was called illegal. WOW!!! Why!!!!

  2. Gates in the San Diego game loss control off ball when he went to the ground officials didn’t enforce the rule of a player controlling the ball always to the ground.

  3. Officials gave Vikes 15 yard unsportsmanlike for challenging muffed punt. They were challenging if it were a fumble. It was. Same crew that did 49ers and Packers game. They need to study rule book.

  4. The crew that did the GB-Cinn game was horrible. Inconsistency on every kind of penalty call on both teams…all sorts of missed calls. The NFL is rapidly becoming unwatchable because of the “officiating”.

  5. I think it was the Redskins / Lions game ( I was watching NFL redzone so could be mistaken) and a personal foul / defenseless receiver penalty was called. The pass that was complete without the receiver stretching out or exposing any of his body (so not sure how he was defenseless) and the DB did not lead with his head but looked like he simply tackled him hard. Not sure what the DB could have done differently other than just choose not to hit the receiver and the let him run on down the field. I’m all for keeping players safe but as far as I could tell this was just a regular tackle.

  6. They didn’t show a replay or discuss it much but I think they messed up the GB-Cin kickoff-out-of-bounds call. It appeared to me that the Packers kick-returner actually touched the football before it rolled out of bounds, with his foot out-of-bounds. This would make it not a penalty, but the Packers ball at the 2. Did anyone see a replay of that one? It gave the Packers a free 38 yards. This, of course, after the refs gave the Packers a 15 yard bonus after calling a shoulder-to-shoulder hit as helmet-to-helmet on a 3rd down stop that would have resulted in a Packer punt. Fortunately neither call changed the outcome of the game, but that was a sloppily called game.

  7. Ah, thanks for the correction about the out-of-bounds kickoff. I guess that;s why they didn’t go back to the replay or discuss it much. I just didn’t understand the application of the rule.

    Thanks for the correction.

  8. Referee should have explained it more, but TV also has to put him on to explain. They don’t always take these complicated announcements, leaving the analysts to speculate why the call was made.

    For the record, since it is a call that has sideline involvement, it is reviewable by coach’s challenge outside of 2:00.

  9. During the Ravens/Texans game, there were a couple of pass interference calls against the Texans that appeared odd. Aside from the terrible CBS coverage, the announcers said that both of them were because the defender was not making a play for the ball. But on both, the defenders head was turned toward the ball and on the second, he was jumping for the ball. What are y’alls thoughts on those plays?

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