Week 4 referee assignments

Just a day in the life of the Raiders cheerleaders as these day trippers come together to pose on London's Abbey Road yesterday. This magical mystery tour is possible for Sunday's game when the NFL let it be played in England to help promote the sport. The nowhere man in

Week 4 “Review”: Ref, Zebra Blog wrong; “Amen” not 15 yards, late QB touch can be

Before we get to the list of items in this week's "Official Review" segment hosted by the NFL head of officiating, we are going to lead with Mike Pereira's assessment of the Jaguars touchdown call that we agreed with. Turns out we were wrong. We relied on misleading information in the determination

Incomplete pass not called on key catch of Steelers opening drive

Week 4: Chargers at Steelers Pro Football Talk noticed a missed call on the Steelers opening drive during Sunday Night Football. (video) On the third offensive play of the game, Ben Roethlisberger (who just completed two passes on the first two plays) connected with Mike Wallace for 35 yards, taking the ball

“A cheap one”: Whiff of QB flagged for 15

Week 4: Ravens at Patriots First, there is no video of the play in question online, only the postgame reaction by the Ravens' Ray Lewis. Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was flagged for low contact with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady's brief 2008 season—cut short due to a knee injury in the season

How is forward progress not stopped when player lands 3 yards back?

Week 4: Chargers at Steelers In the Sunday Night Football game, the Chargers special teams player Jacob Hester is credited with a heads-up, 41-yard fumble-return touchdown. However, it is confusing how the Steelers punt returner Steve Logan was driven back three yards in control of the ball without being ruled down

Replay turns incompletion into Jags TD

Week 4: Titans at Jaguars Yikes! The catch-into-the-ground calls took a week off last week, but we are looking at the fourth controversial review of a touchdown (or non-touchdown) catch in as many weeks. The current controversial call came in the Titans–Jaguars game. Nearing halftime, a pass to Jaguars receiver Mike Sims-Walker