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Football Zebras 2023 Broadcaster of the Year is Adam Amin

Amin recognized for his rules and officiating knowledge



Many fans listen closely to network announcers and are quick to jump on any perceived bias against their beloved. For fans of officiating, many times we don’t have to listen very long before we hear network announcers giving incorrect analysis of mechanics, judgement calls and rules. And sometimes, the announcers start making snarky comments about the officials for cheap laughs.

There are some who make it a point to understand the rules and some of the officiating mechanics. If something controversial happens, they state the facts without piling on the officials. In a feature that debuts this year, Football Zebras will select one broadcaster each year who exemplifies these traits.

The 2023 Football Zebras Broadcaster of the Year is Adam Amin at Fox Sports.

Amin was hired by ESPN in 2011 to call college basketball and college football. He also called NFL games for ESPN radio. Amin moved to Fox Sports to call Major League Baseball and the NFL in 2020. (He has covered Bears preseason games since 2018.) Also in 2020, he began announcing Chicago Bulls games on television.

Amin is a rising star in the world of sports play-by-play. What makes him stand out to Football Zebras and officials at all levels is his knowledge of rules, officiating mechanics, and individual officials. Earlier this season, Amin was announcing the Lions and Bears game in Chicago. During that game there was a forward fumble out of bounds. Amin immediately announced that the ball would return to the spot of the fumble. Later in that same game, there was a timeout situation around the expiration of the play clock. Amin walked the audience through the officials’ delay of game mechanics.

This is one game, but Amin does this in every game he works.

While it is an announcer’s job to prepare for two teams, Amin prepares for three teams. There are a small number of broadcasters who are well-versed in the rulebook. But Amin also recognizes that the officials have an important job to do and works to know about their job as much as possible. When a controversial or incorrect call happens on the field, Amin approaches the call in a calm, analytical and snark-free way — which is all that officials can ask for and is actually a great service for the audience at large.

It was these traits that singled out Adam Amin by our editorial staff for our first Broadcaster of the Year honors.

Image: Fox Sports

Mark Schultz is a high school football official, freelance writer and journalist. He first became interested in officiating when he was six years old, was watching a NFL game with his father and asked the fateful question, "Dad, what are those guys in the striped shirts doing?"

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  1. Anonymous

    January 3, 2024 at 6:39 am

    Vice good article Mark.

  2. Bill

    January 3, 2024 at 2:09 pm

    Who cares? He doesn’t officiate. Another stupid award by a site that rewards bad officiating and slams those who challenge officiating.

  3. Anonymous

    January 6, 2024 at 2:38 pm

    I will have to pay more attention to him and tune in when I hear he has the call. Watching games can get frustrating when the announcer obfuscates and jumps to conclusions. Thanks for letting us know and for the great read!

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