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Super Bowl LVI umpire Bryan Neale was on ‘The Price Is Right’ in 1993

Super Bowl LVI umpire Bryan Neale had a brief moment in the sun in 1993.



NFL umpire Bryan Neale got the experience of a lifetime when he was assigned to Super Bowl LVI. It was likely enough to push another thrilling moment to at least second place.

Neale, who was 24 years old at the time, was visiting Los Angeles in 1993 and attended a taping of The Price Is Right. And, he was the first contestant that announcer Rod Roddy called to “C’mon Down.” He won a refrigerator in the first One Bid of the episode, and went on stage to play Danger Prices with one of the great emcees of all-time Bob Barker.

Neale’s episode originally aired on Oct. 8, 1993.

How did he do? Take a look at the video below.

The video cuts off after Neale plays his pricing game, so we did some investigating into how he did in the Showcase Showdown.

Neale spun the big wheel first, getting 75¢.

After the second contestant was eliminated, “Ray” spun the wheel twice and knocked off Neale with a score of 95¢. Neale got a lifetime of memories and a refrigerator — and now a Super Bowl ring.

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