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2023 XFL season

XFL Week 1 officiating assignments

History will be made as the XFL will kick off its season with a ball marked with the signature of a woman.



History will be made Saturday afternoon as the XFL will kick off its 2023 season with a ball that is marked with the signature of a woman, XFL chairwoman Dany Garcia. Four games will be played each weekend for the next 10 weeks. The XFL has 6 crews of 7 officials each, plus replay officials and ball spotters that are assigned to a city and not a crew.

Game assignments

Saturday, Feb. 18

  • Vegas Vipers at Arlington Renegades, 3 p.m. ABC ESPN+ — Mike Vandervelde
  • Orlando Guardians at Houston Roughnecks, 8:30 p.m. ESPN FX ESPN+ — Chris Coyte

Sunday, Feb 19

  • St. Louis Battlehawks at San Antonio Brahmas, 3 p.m. ABC ESPN+ — Reggie Smith
  • Seattle Sea Dragons at DC Defenders, 8 p.m. ESPN ESPN+ — Jeff Heaser


Replay officials and ball spotters are listed with the crews.

    Pro League Yrs Conference  
R Michael Vandervelde 1 Big 12  
U Krystle Apellaniz 1 Mountain West  
DJ Rod Ammari 3 Pac-12  
LJ Darren Deckard 1 Big 12  
FJ Conor Clougherty 1 ACC  
SJ Raymond Tate 1 SEC  
BJ David Ross 3 Pac-12  
RO Chad Wakefield      
X Crystal Cooksey      

    Pro League Yrs Conference  
R Chris Coyte 1 Pac-12  
U Jim Wharrie 3 Pac-12  
DJ Nick Theriot 1 SEC  
LJ Monique Washington 1 MAC  
FJ Jose Martinez 1 Big 12  
SJ Wes Booker 2 SEC  
BJ Justin Nelson 3 Pac-12  
RO Yvette Matchette      
X Jason Laborde      

    Pro League Yrs Conference  
R Reggie Smith 3 Big Ten  
U Dan Scanlan 1 Big 12  
DJ Marcus Allen 1 Big Ten  
LJ Jay Bilbo 1 Big 12  
FJ LaShell Nelson 3 Big Ten  
SJ Ryan Flynn 1 ACC  
BJ Brett Toney 1 SEC  
RO Brian Jones      
X Austin Wright      

    Pro League Yrs Conference  
R Jeff Heaser 3 ACC  
U Amanda Sauer 5 Big Ten  
DJ Cravonne Barrett 4 Pac-12  
LJ Steven Matarante 2 ACC  
FJ Kendall Smith 1 MAC  
SJ Gabriel DeLeon 1 Big 12  
BJ Peter Buchanan 1 ACC  
RO Russell Giglio      
X Michael Kennedy      

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