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2021 rule changes

Scorecard of the 2021 NFL rules meetings [live updates]

Owners are voting on proposed rules, bylaws, and resolutions



NFL owners are meeting remotely via Microsoft Teams to discuss many items for the 2021 season, including 11 rules proposals, 2 bylaws changes, and a policy resolution.

Football Zebras will be updating this post as information is reported on the status of individual agenda items. A brief summary of each is listed below, indicating the team that proposed it or “CC” for a Competition Committee proposal and the disposition of each proposal. In order to pass, a proposal needs a ¾-vote of all owners, or 24 voting in the affirmative (abstentions are essentially counted the same as “no” votes; in the unlikely event there are absentees, those teams are not counted at all).

Updates and source information are posted below the lists.

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