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NFL hires six new officials for 2020

The NFL has hired six new officials who will join the officiating roster.



As this unique offseason continues, and sports fans are hungry for new information, us zebra fans finally got some of our own. Senior vice president Al Riveron announced Tuesday through the NFL Officiating Twitter account that the league has hired six new officials who will join the officiating roster this offseason. The new hires are Tra Blake, Joe Blubaugh, Michael Dolce, Frank LeBlanc, Clay Reynard, and Tab Slaughter. All six men participated in the NFL Officiating Development Program. Riveron has also announced the promotion of field judge Land Clark to the referee position.

Dolce, Blake, Reynard, and Slaughter all worked in the now-defunct XFL, and the latter three also worked in the Alliance of American Football in 2019. Tab Slaughter is the son of former NFL head linesman and current officiating supervisor Gary Slaughter.

In the Officiating Development Program, Slaughter and Blake worked at the umpire position, LeBlanc and Dolce worked on the line of scrimmage, and Blubaugh and Reynard worked as side judges. Also listed below are the uniform numbers and years in the ODP (†Non-consecutive seasons).

      ODP years Conference/League Notes
U 161 Tab Slaughter 3 Big 12 XFL center judge, AAF umpire
DJ 166 Frank LeBlanc 2 Big 12 2019 Big 12 Championship
LJ 150 Michael Dolce 2 Big Ten XFL down judge
FJ 143 Joe Blubaugh 2 Big 12 2017 National Championship
SJ 139 Tra Blake 1 ACC XFL and AAF referee
SJ 171 Clay Reynard 4† Pac-12 XFL and AAF side judge

Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist and has been involved in football officiating for 12 years. Cam is in his fourth season as a high school football official. This is his ninth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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