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Quick calls: Week 13 liveblog

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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11 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 13 liveblog

  1. As for the false start … McKinnely is another not so great DJ. Not as bad as Hugo was or #53 is. But, there is some serious lack of quality out there on the sidelines. And, somehow at least two high quality DJ’s have been moved to the LJ side? This is a demotion – right? Who is responsible for the staffing??

  2. Why didn’t Zimmer challenge the 2 bad placements in the 4th quarter against Patriots? Before the controversial Belichick challenge?
    3rd&1 at Min 38
    (9:38) Dalvin Cook rush to the left for no gain to the Min38. Tackled by Lawrence Guy.
    2nd&6 at Min 33
    (10:20) Kirk Cousins pass to the left to Adam Thielen for 5 yards to the Min38. Tackled by Jason McCourty.

  3. The entire crew from the Steelers-Chargers game deserves to be fired.

    This is the most shamefully officiated game that I’ve seen in a long time. The Steelers have been far and away the dominant team in this game, and the Chargers just took the lead entirely because of the officiating. The missed false start on the touchdown pass isn’t even the only false start the same official missed. They missed a blatant block in the back on the Chargers punt return TD as well. The Chargers seem incapable of scoring any points on their own.

    It’s sad to have a primetime game totally decided by missed calls like this.

  4. We’ve had this discussion before. How do they miss those two calls? The false start and block in the back. Who is responsible and and what are they doing that they don’t see it. That is incompetence.

  5. So was the same official who missed at least two obvious false starts the same one who missed the spot the Tomlin challenged and Riveron in New York blew? Was he the same one who flagged the Steelers for being offside on the first field goal attempt, despite not having video support (nothing I’ve seen backs the call, and the video posted on this site suggests the Steelers were onside)?

    Either he got paid off or he’s too incompetent to be out there. Regardless, he should be fired.

  6. On the OBJ touchdown pass against Bears – do you think there should have been an ineligible receiver downfield penalty? I see two lineman downfield prior to pass and maybe one of them gets back to line of scrimmage. Thanks.

  7. I have a couple rules questions.

    First, Brown’s catch on the sideline that was reviewed… His right foot hit in bounds twice. Why doesn’t that count as a catch?

    Second, do offsetting penalties result in an untimed down? Haden, if he was even offside, was clearly held on the play. If they call both, is it OT or an untimed down?

  8. @hbk314 – Sounds like you had a rooting interest in the game, and the false start miss was unacceptable. It obviously affected the outcome of the game.

    But, I guarantee that the league will barely discipline the offending DJ as he is 17 years in the league as an official and an ex player. He is spotty at best in his current performance. But, still not even amongst the worst at his position.

    The league has always had a very high quality of work being done by the officials … but, the quality is on the decline.
    Today, there are still some excellent officials … but also some pretty bad officials out there. I will leave it to others to explain why the quality has declined.

  9. @Knowledgeisgood

    If the false start were all there was, I wouldn’t be advocating for his dismissal. He missed two clear false starts that I saw. He badly blew a spot when the player was laying on the ground not moving and was simply touched down. He made a very questionable offside call that in itself decided the game.

    The crew as a whole was responsible for gifting the Chargers 15 points, or 18 if you count the field goal at the end.

  10. @hbk314 – I hear your frustration. Not a fan of the Steelers or Chargers … so, I watched the game from a different perspective.

    Just saying that Phil is not going anywhere. By the way, he is not alone. The quality is spiraling down as the Goodell led league focuses on optics and not merit. He is not even in the bottom five at the DJ position. But, he is closer to bottom five than he is to the top five.

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