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Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII liveblog: Eagles vs. Patriots

Liveblog coverage of Super Bowl LII between the Eagles and Patriots



Follow us here and through the game for our live coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of Super Bowl LII from U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. This will conclude our coverage of our ninth full season at Football Zebras.

Gene Steratore is the referee for Super Bowl LII. His all-star crew includes:

      Yrs 2017 crew College Occupation
R 114 Gene Steratore 15   Kent State co-owner, supply company
U 81 Roy Ellison 15 Steratore Savannah State technical staff member
DJ 91 Jerry Bergman 16 McAulay Robert Morris sales executive
LJ 18 Byron Boston 23 Anderson Austin tax consultant
FJ 97 Tom Hill 19 Allen Carson Newman teacher*
SJ 3 Scott Edwards 19 Torbert Alabama environmental engineer
BJ 46 Perry Paganelli 20 Parry Hope College retired high school administrator
ALT R Craig Wrolstad 15   Washington athletic director
ALT U Ruben Fowler 12 Triplette Huston-Tillotson retired firefighter
ALT LOS Ed Camp 18 Boger William Paterson physical education teacher*
ALT DEEP Jimmy Buchanan 9 Hussey South Carolina State insurance agent
ALT BJ Greg Steed 15 Morelli Howard computer systems analyst*

*full-time NFL officials

  • Replay official: Paul Weidner (Steratore crew)
  • Replay assistant: Jamie Nicholson (Detroit-based)
  • Supervisor: Gary Slaughter
  • Observers: Wayne Mackie, Bob McGrath

Image: Football Zebras graphic by Chad Young, photos by Diamond Images/Getty, Minnesota Vikings

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