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After Further Review: Head coach draws penalty



  • Quick calls from Week 5 [FootballZebras]
  • The umpire and back judge watch the kick-line very closely. That was true during the Bills at Titans game when the Bills recovered a muffed opening kick [FOX Sports].
  • A backward pass recovery is always reviewed by the replay official. This was true for Jameis Winston when the Jaguars visited the Buccaneers [NFL Video].
  • The act of re-establishing oneself came into question during a replay review when the Rams met the Packers [NFL Video].
  • A Drew Brees fumble review in Philadelphia turned into a between-downs penalty for Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, who received the first penalty of his career [].
  • Ravens coach John Harbaugh earned a third replay opportunity after two challenges regarding players stepping out of bounds [NFL Video/NFL Video].
  • When a fair catch signal is ruled invalid, and a missed flag for removing a helmet [NFL Video at 1:30].
  • Colin Kaepernick fumbles twice, but recovers his own forward fumble when the 49ers took on the Giants. Because he recovered his own fumble, the 49ers keep the yardage [Bleacher Report].
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