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After Further Review: A Quiet Week 4



  • Quick Calls from Week 4 [FootballZebras]
  • In Chicago, Eddie Royal was subjected to a questionable “spiking the ball” penalty. After being tackled, Royal rose up and spun the ball towards the ground. The officials, lead by Jeff Triplette, determined he spun the ball in the direction of an official therefore drawing the penalty.
  • Also during the Raiders at Bears game, the Raiders were hit with a sideline infraction penalty after someone from their sideline entered the white area along the side of the field and made contact with an official [NFL Video]
  • In San Diego, referee Bill Vinovich overruled the ruling of an incomplete pass by Side Judge Gary Cavalleto when Vinovich determined the ball was successfully caught over the pylon [NFL Video]
  • A pass initially ruled a catch by Larry Fitzgerald when the Rams visited the Cardinals in Arizona was overturned by referee Ron Torbert [Bleacher Report]
  • After the Fitzgerald catch/no-catch announcement, Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey escaped penalty when he used the ball as a prop – like a pillow – after scoring a Rams touchdown. It was subtle and quick enough that the officials didn’t notice, but using the ball this way normally draws an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty [SBNation]
  • Mike Pereira took a moment to get into some detail on positioning of officials, and why calls get missed, after what appears to be a blatant hold on a Packers receiver by the 49ers Defense [Twitter]
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