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After Further Review: A Quiet Week 4

  • Quick Calls from Week 4 [FootballZebras]
  • In Chicago, Eddie Royal was subjected to a questionable “spiking the ball” penalty. After being tackled, Royal rose up and spun the ball towards the ground. The officials, lead by Jeff Triplette, determined he spun the ball in the direction of an official therefore drawing the penalty.
  • Also during the Raiders at Bears game, the Raiders were hit with a sideline infraction penalty after someone from their sideline entered the white area along the side of the field and made contact with an official [NFL Video]
  • In San Diego, referee Bill Vinovich overruled the ruling of an incomplete pass by Side Judge Gary Cavalleto when Vinovich determined the ball was successfully caught over the pylon [NFL Video]
  • A pass initially ruled a catch by Larry Fitzgerald when the Rams visited the Cardinals in Arizona was overturned by referee Ron Torbert [Bleacher Report]
  • After the Fitzgerald catch/no-catch announcement, Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey escaped penalty when he used the ball as a prop – like a pillow – after scoring a Rams touchdown. It was subtle and quick enough that the officials didn’t notice, but using the ball this way normally draws an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty [SBNation]
  • Mike Pereira took a moment to get into some detail on positioning of officials, and why calls get missed, after what appears to be a blatant hold on a Packers receiver by the 49ers Defense [Twitter]
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10 thoughts on “After Further Review: A Quiet Week 4

  1. Besides the fact that no one can kick easy FG’s and PAT’s anymore, the officials are really stretching the PI calls to the point of rediculousness.

  2. …..and Goodell needs to throw out half the rules (and should do us all a favor and quit as commish but that’s another story). Football is like most sports an emotional game and they have taken every aspect of that and turned them into penalties. Triplette’s crew should not have to throw a flag for spinning the ball, even tho he’s the league’s worst ref.

  3. Hey, what about the play in the Rams/Cardinals game where the Cardinal guy tackled the Ram, the ball clearly came out, and AZ recovered, but somehow the referees ruled it was not a fumble because the runner’s forward progress was stopped? It was a routine tackle, not the kind where the runner gets stood up by seven guys and pushed backward. If that runner’s “forward progress” was stopped in the millisecond between being hit and fumbling, then about 50% of all fumbles aren’t really fumbles.

  4. Jerome Boger’s crew once again called a consistently poor game. 2 personal foul penalties called on defenders where the receiver was the one who initiated contact.

  5. Wake up Blandino!!! Stand up to the union and get some of the VERY good, albeit few, replacements in there who helped to save your job, and your current one.

  6. Well…. It WAS a quiet week. I thought turnovers were reviewed, and New York has communication to the stadium…. And no one (but Gerry Austin) knew it, not Blandino, River on; etc…. NOT GOOD…

  7. Just watched the Monday Night Seattle / Detroit game. Listened to former Referee Gerry Austin explain the rule concerning the “touch-back” call that turned the ball over to Seattle with under 2 minutes to go. What an absolute shame! I am not a fan of either team, but with video showing the back judge staring down the backline watching the play, and worst yet, having the league office in New York review the play, the play / call was blown. The league totally got this play wrong, and given the time left in the game and the score, Detroit got screwed big time! Shame on the NFL.

  8. The league needs to do away with refs on the field. They screw up the game more than they help it. How long before we use our technology to correct the human error these refs continually subject us to. They only need a head ref on the field to relay the correct calls to the teams and fans in attendance. Every play should be watched in booths by refs who are watching every player and every play all the way through. If there is any appearance of wrong doing, they review the play until they decide correctly that an infraction was made. They then relay that to the head ref on the field who throws a flag and then enforces the infraction. All you would need is 11 or 12 refs in the booth all assigned to different positions and the play between those 2 players opposite each other. If one sees what could be an infraction, they hit a button, the play is replayed instantly from as many angles as needed to quickly make the correct call.

  9. I don’t think the ref had a clue in the Bills-Giants game. He called a chop block on the Bill’s when the player was hit on the hip – not the thigh. he overrules a roughing the passer call because he said the man was pushed into the qb, but two guys hit him late – what about the second guy?

  10. SissyBoy- having guys up in the booths will really make games longer the way they do things. I agree these guys are hurting more than helping, but it’s the lack of the league putting their foot down with the bad officials.

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