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Week 2 referee assignments

Walt Anderson will have the Thursday night game, which will be simulcast on CBS and NFL Network. Walt Coleman’s crew has the week off.

Thursday, Sept. 17

  • Broncos at Chiefs CBS NFLN  â€” Walt Anderson

Sunday, Sept. 20

  • Patriots at Bills — Ronald Torbert
  • Titans at Browns — Terry McAulay
  • Texans at Panthers — Clete Blakeman
  • Cardinals at Bears — Jerome Boger
  • Chargers at Bengals — Jeff Triplette
  • Lions at Vikings — Bill Vinovich
  • Buccaneers at Saints — Carl Cheffers
  • Falcons at Giants — Brad Allen
  • 49ers at Steelers — Craig Wrolstad
  • Rams at Washington — Ed Hochuli
  • Ravens at Raiders — Pete Morelli
  • Dolphins at Jaguars — John Parry
  • Cowboys at Eagles — Tony Corrente
  • Seahawks at Packers NBC — Gene Steratore

Monday, Sept. 21

  • Jets at Colts ESPN — John Hussey
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25 thoughts on “Week 2 referee assignments

  1. I’ll take this prediction business a step further…

    Super Bowl: Steratore
    CCs: Blakeman, McAulay
    DR: Steratore, Anderson, Corrente, Wrolstad
    WC: Cheffers, Allen, Parry, Torbert

  2. Did a rule change? Steratore had Packers week 17 last year, doesn’t he need 6 weeks before he can ref another game with them sans playoffs?

  3. Gene Steratore is an egotist and in actuality not a top ten referee. Why in the hell would anyone want him to be part of a Super Bowl?

  4. Does anyone remember Terry McAulay in Cleveland dodging beer bottles running off the field after a gross rules error? In week 2, he returns again to the scene of a bad memory.

  5. Yup. That last 2 minutes was on you tube (may still be there). I believe it was against JAX with Gus Johnson yelling on the mic.

  6. Same thing was going on with bill vinovich last year getting all the prime time games! Steratore has been given 2 big games in the first 2 weeks with week 2 obiously being the biggest Seahawks vs Packers SNF if he gets another big game next week then I am gonna be pretty convinced

  7. Gene Steratore is my favorite ref! Happy to see he is reffing Seattle at Greenbay. I hope he reffs Superbowl 50. GO HAWKS!!!!

  8. The officials are “chosen” for Super Bowl based on the points they accumulate during the season. They score points by making good calls & decisions, they lose points by making mistakes. If the white hat, with the highest points for the season, has been an official for at least X amount (I forget if it’s 5) of years, they are chosen to go.

  9. These are my predictions for the 2016 postseason

    Super Bowl: Steratore
    CCs: McAulay, Blakeman
    DR: Steratore,Hochuli, Parry, Morelli
    WC: Tolbert, Anderson, Vinovich, Boger

  10. Gene Steratore embarrassing himself again on Sunday Night football. Anyone who wants Gene to handle a Super Bowl wants to see a train wreck. He just isn’t very good, although he believes he is the next Jim Tunney.

  11. Thank you. Great work. This really helps to know what your team is in for. Love it. cant wait til week 3 post

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