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Week 1 referee assignments


Carl Cheffers kicks off the regular season schedule in Foxborough, Mass., with the Thursday night kickoff game between the Steelers and Patriots. Tony Corrente’s crew has the week off.

Thursday, Sept. 10

  • Steelers at Patriots NBC — Carl Cheffers

Sunday, Sept. 13

  • Colts at Bills — John Parry
  • Packers at Bears — Craig Wrolstad
  • Chiefs at Texans — Pete Morelli
  • Panthers at Jaguars — Ron Torbert
  • Browns at Jets — Jerome Boger
  • Seahawks at Rams — Jeff Triplette
  • Dolphins at Washington — Walt Coleman
  • Saints at Cardinals — Walt Anderson
  • Lions at Chargers — Clete Blakeman
  • Ravens at Broncos — Gene Steratore
  • Bengals at Raiders — Brad Allen
  • Titans at Buccaneers — John Hussey
  • Giants at Cowboys NBC — Bill Vinovich

Monday, Sept. 14

  • Eagles at Falcons ESPN — Terry McAulay
  • Vikings at 49ers ESPN — Ed Hochuli
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30 thoughts on “Week 1 referee assignments

  1. Jeff Triplette is the best ref in the NFL. He should be calling Super Bowl 50 this season.

  2. Alec Barnett is spot on. Jeff Triplette is one of the finest officials and deserves that big game

  3. Bill Vinovich getting the big SNF game again! He is the best referee in the NFL the amount of high profile games he has had the past season he excelled!! And now opens with one of the biggest clashes on SNF wow!

  4. Triplette’s the best? Are you high? He’s the worst referee I’ve ever seen. Screwed over my Redskins on many occasions. Believe me, we can lose on our own. We don’t need his help. Redskins/Giants last year with RG3’s TD run reversed. Questionable personal foul call vs NE in 2011. I could go on. He’s sucks. I pray he doesn’t officiate any of my team’s games this year but I know they won’t be the case.

  5. I’m taking my father to his first NFL game this weekend in Tampa Bay. Excited to see John Hussey white hat his first NFL Regular season game. He will do well as he has his entire career.

  6. Are you guys at Football Zebras going over to the political correctness BS? if your going to use team names, then you use them all! There called the Redskins!,,,

  7. Seabekid is right. It’s the in “Walt Coleman will be doing the REDSKINS-Dolphins game”. Is that to offensive for FB Zebra to type? The “we’ll call them Washington” nonsense makes them hard to take seriously. I keep seeing anti-Redskins PC garbage on TV & online, yet I’ve yet to meet even one football fan in real life who is in favor of changing the name. Talk about a media manufactured non-issue.

  8. John Hussey officiated like a rookie to the point where it was embarrassing. The entire crew made mistakes. I would be interested in seeing their ratings.

  9. Nick, you must only know 2 officials total if that is your opinion of the Steratore’s. now, the most arrogant and cocky, then I am on board. I’ve met them both, BTW.

  10. Not unless you work the clocks at his games (his brother is even worse). They act entitled and as if the operators are ‘below’ them.

  11. Bill Leavy is no longer a referee making room for Hussey. I saw the Titans/Bucs game and thought Hussey did just fine. There was one rather funny part. He was on the defensive side of the ball away from the line of scrimmage explaining a call (don’t remember exactly what) and I guess the players and other refs weren’t paying attention, lined up, and nearly snapped the ball. He had to stop mid-explanation and say “Hey, hold on a minute….”

  12. Cmon. Lets be real here. Hussein blew at least three calls in the game. If that is your perception of fine you don’t understand football. They were reactive and threw flags just for the sake of it. Awful performance and their evaluation marks will show that. He is over his head. Mark my words.

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