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Divisional playoff liveblog: Colts at Patriots

Divisional_10_rgbAFC Divisional Playoff

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Colts-Patriots Divisional Playoff game from Gilette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. (If you see continue reading below, click it to see the entire feed.)

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Today’s crew his headed by Pete Morelli.

Yr. Crew College Occupation
R 135 Pete Morelli 17 St Mary’s high school principal
U 53 Garth DeFelice 16 Blakeman San Diego State distribution center manager, beverage company
HL 106 Wayne Mackie 7 Steratore Colgate director of operations, housing
LJ 101 Carl Johnson 10 Morelli Nicholls State full-time official
FJ 89 Jon Lucivansky 5 Morelli Minnesota college educator
SJ 15 Rick Patterson 18 Coleman Wofford banker
BJ 30 Todd Prukop 5 Cheffers Cal State-Fullerton medical sales representative
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3 thoughts on “Divisional playoff liveblog: Colts at Patriots

  1. On the botched punt play, as the pinter picked up the ball he made a move forward and was immediately met by the defense. He then tried to get rid of the ball.

    Why was forward progress not called? That exact call was made in the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati game a few weeks ago.

    I believe forward progress was the correct call and should have been Indy’s ball on the two.

  2. The reefs are like congress who ever is lining there pockets wins belacheck is a known cheat what about the fight that patriots started nothing called on that a bad officiated game

  3. Did you guys take a nap during the thrid quarter?

    Here is what you missed.

    Pass intereference on Gordy. First, no contact between Gordy and Edelman, clearly uncatchable ball, and Edelman is the only one to contact Gordy when he grabs Gordy and pulls him into his body to create contact and then falls down to sell it. He deserves an Emmy.

    Griff Whalen was tackled…TACKLED…on a Pass Interference so obvious a blind man could see it…no call.

    Late hit on Luck by Ninkovich.

    At least three blatant holds while New England was running the ball (so blatant that Dan Dierdorf took time out from giving Tom Brady and Bill Belichick verbal BJ’s to bring it up), including the long TD run. Mathis wasn’t held, he was tackled by the offensive lineman…TACKLED.

    Luck tripped while scrambling on third down. The tripping was the only thing between a 30 yard first down gain and another failed 3rd down conversion.

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