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Wild Card assignments to be announced today

We will have the full crews when available on Dec. 31.

Update 3 p.m. ET: Preliminary word is that Walt Anderson, Ed Hochuli, Jeff Triplette, and Bill Vinovich are working the Wild Card round. No word on which games or the full crews yet.

Update 1/1/14:Obviously, we are having difficulty obtaining the assignments this week. Hopefully we will have an update soon. Thanks for your patience.

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3 thoughts on “Wild Card assignments to be announced today

  1. Amazing some of the apparent assignments. There were replacements who would not do any worse than some of them, but of course the media won’t admit to that. Triplette’s TD ruling in Cincinnati a few weeks ago and he might be on a game?! Again, where is the media criticism of the now EXTREMELY overpaid-but-feel-free-to-signifcantly-impact-games-through-WEEKLY-poor-RULES (not just judgement)-applications-regulars this season after the outcry last season? Hypocrisy rules the media.

  2. I’m shocked that Triplette is getting a playoff game after having two of the biggest gaffes of the season. Shocked even more that he’ll be in Cincinnati, the scene of one of his bigger crimes.

  3. Just like with the Obama praising media that refuses to acknowledge his numerous errors. Triplette gets a playoff game? He shouldn’t be allowed to work a D3 game. How about the two officials who missed the illegal formation call that kept the Steelers out of a playoff game? You have got to be kidding me? Where is the media frenzy over that one? IT KEPT A TEAM OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS BECAUSE NO WAY SUCCOP MISSES THAT KICK TWICE IN A ROW!!! 70% of the replacements were superb officials who never got a shot. I guarantee the top 8 replacement crews would have done a better job then the current crews and their weekly assortment of blunders.

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