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Quick calls: Week 12

week12You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.

Some of the more interesting calls we will pose to the Football Zebras Roundtable for expert analysis during the week.


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11 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 12

  1. Maybe this has already been discussed, but I want an explanation for the play under review time out near the end of regulation of the Vikings Vs Packers game. Time was running out on 4th down and the Packers had no timeouts and looked panicked. The officials blew the whistle to review the previous play, but there was nothing in that play that could have been overturned. I cannot believe I am the only one flipping out about this. It basically gave the Packers a 4th timeout and IMO changed the outcome of the game.

  2. Do you consider the Rams Brockers sack/fumble recovery really a roughing the passer? It looked like a hard sack, that is it. This gave the Bears another 4 shots to score on the 1 yard line in the fourth qtr.

  3. Blown call by cocky (push down your sleeves for pete’s sake; we know you want the SB in Feb.) Steratore late in 2nd Qtr. against #92 of Denver for a WEAK retaliation foul. Why didn’t he see #62 of NE just LEVEL the Bronco player AFTER the whistle on to the top of the pile? He was looking right at it! Forget Schuster seeing it, his eyes are glazed over from the wind.

  4. BAD OPI call with :25 secs. Left in 2nd Qtr……NEVER TOUCHED the def. player. Even Collingsworth questioned it and he’s clueless.

  5. 3rdQtr., 15sec. left: Where is the OPI against Gronk’s.? C’mon! He blew the guy up then turned to catch the TD! Talk about moving a guy’s feet to get an advantage. What Gronk just did was 10 times worse than contact against him last week. Geez.

  6. Cheap first down for NE on weak hands to face call at 10:00 of 4 th Qtr. Yet no OPI on Gronk. (See previous comment).

  7. I saw the play late in the GB/Minn game where there was a booth review yet no explanation as to why. GB had the ball and on the play that was reviewed the GB WR got absolutely mugged before the ball got there yet no flag thrown for PI. Vinovich reviewed something, came back and said nothing and didn’t change anything. Very strange. Not sure what was involved as there was no scoring, no change of possession, no fumble, no catch. I’m curious.

  8. A few weeks ago a Dolphins player, attempting to recover a fumble, batted ball forward. Cue discussion but the outshot was the ball cannot be advanced and a costly penalty was awarded.

    This week, a similar situation in MetLife stadium. Dallas, in attempting to recover a fumble, knock ball forward. I didn’t see any flags thrown or yardage being added.

    It was clearer that the player was attempting to recover the ball but discussion around the ‘Phins game seemed to suggest that intent was not really a huge consideration – the call was that the ball couldn’t be advanced as part of an attempt to recover a fumble.

    Was the Giants-Cowboys call a better application of the rules than we saw earlier in the season?


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