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Quick calls: Week 7

week7You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.


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7 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 7

  1. On the missed field goal in the Patriots-Jets game, Jerome Boger explained that Chris Jones “pushed his opponent into the pile”, however, he pushed his teammate. Can I have clarification on this rule?

  2. After failed 3rd down at the end of DEN/IND (:30 seconds left?) and DEN sends the field goal team on, the umpire stood over the ball to allow IND to substitute. The rule book(5-2-10) says:

    Note: The quick-snap rule does not apply after the two-minute warning of either half, or if there is not a substitution by the offense.

    (c) says “On a fourth-down punting situation the Referee and the Umpire will not allow a quick snap”

    Is a fourth-down punting situation different from a fourth-down field goal situation? or different from just fourth-down for that matter?

  3. Cameron: the rule says you can’t push your teammate, and that’s what Boger meant. He just misspoke.

    I have a question about the Chargers vs. Jags diving touchdown: in the last view on the replays, his left foot touches out of bounds before the ball crosses the plane into the end zone. Shouldn’t he be out of bounds at the two?

  4. Fumble at the end of the sunday night game, where Ronnie Hillman put it on the ground — it was very clear that Hillman did drop the ball, but it didn’t look like there was a clear recovery by either team. Without a clear recovery one way or the other, it seemed like however it ended up being called on the field would ultimately be final, because there would be no video evidence to over turn it one way or the other.

    My question is what led them to declare that the Colts had recovered the ball in the first place? If anything, I’d have guessed Denver recovered it — on the replay, you can see an orange glove wrapped around the ball.

    Also, Nantz was talking about John Fox potentially challenging some specific aspect of the ruling, even though it was a turnover and subject to automatic review. I think he was at one point trying to explain how the play could still be challenged despite the fact that it was a turnover, but I didn’t follow it. Was there some challenge-able aspect there?

  5. 1:37 in the 3rd Welker hit pylon called inconplete should have been TD

    Luck stomach bumped Ruffing the Passer

    Come on Man!

  6. IND-DEN, 9:52 remining in 2nd quarter. Colts punt but get penalized five yds because #54, who had reported as eligible on the prior (3rd down) play, did not report as ineligible for the 4th down punt play.
    Cheffers & Line Judge Thomas Symonette conferred for a long time (30-40 seconds?) before Cheffers explained the foul.
    Is there an exception in kicking plays where eligible recievers with numbers in ineligible ranges need not report as eligible?
    If so, it seems odd that a previously eligible reciever needs to report as ineligible for the kicking play.

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