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Tough quiz: 7 calls you may never see in NFL (but how would you rule?)



This could be the most difficult rules quiz ever.

All questions in this quiz relate to the NFL rules. Team A refers to the team that puts the ball in play, either by snap or a kickoff, and remains that designation throughout the question. Players and yard lines are designated by Team A and B. For example, if the ball is on the B10-yard line, it means that Team A is near to scoring a touchdown.

Click on “answer” to reveal the correct ruling. Let us know in the comments how well you scored. Be honest and good luck!

4th-and-2 from the B25-yard line. In a postseason game with the score tied 17-17, Team A has the ball with five seconds to go in the second overtime period. Kicker A1 attempts a 42-yard field goal (ball spotted at the 32 yard line on the left-side hashmark from kicker’s perspective). The kick hits the right upright and is no good as time in the second overtime period expires. Where is the ball spotted for the next play?


1. Spot at 35, third overtime begins with a kickoff

Image credit: spackletoe on Flickr

Ball spotted on the 35-yard line for a kickoff. Just like the first and third quarters begin with a kickoff, the first and third overtime periods also begin with a kickoff. The team that lost the coin toss prior to the first overtime will have the option at the beginning of the third overtime.

This only happened once in a professional football game in the old USFL.

Also, the rules state that there is no “halftime” intermission between the second and third overtimes, so as much as fans may want him to, the Frisbee-catching dog that performed during the halftime show won’t be able to return to do his act.[/spoiler]

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