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Tough quiz: 7 calls you may never see in NFL (but how would you rule?)

This could be the most difficult rules quiz ever.

All questions in this quiz relate to the NFL rules. Team A refers to the team that puts the ball in play, either by snap or a kickoff, and remains that designation throughout the question. Players and yard lines are designated by Team A and B. For example, if the ball is on the B10-yard line, it means that Team A is near to scoring a touchdown.

Click on “answer” to reveal the correct ruling. Let us know in the comments how well you scored. Be honest and good luck!

4th-and-2 from the B25-yard line.  In a postseason game with the score tied 17-17, Team A has the  ball with five seconds to go in the second  overtime period. Kicker A1 attempts a 42-yard field goal (ball  spotted at the 32 yard line on the left-side hashmark from kicker’s  perspective). The kick hits the right upright and is no good as time  in the second overtime period expires. Where is the ball spotted for  the next play?


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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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5 thoughts on “Tough quiz: 7 calls you may never see in NFL (but how would you rule?)

  1. This almost happened in a 1997 Jaguars-Steelers game. The potential game-winning field goal for the Steelers was blocked, and as a Jaguar began to return it for a touchdown, he ran past Bill Cowher, who made a motion as if he was going to tackle the player. Cowher said that he almost made the tackle.

  2. For Q #1, I have always been interested to see a 7th Quarter kickoff happen, but it never has as of yet. I did watch the Los Angeles Express Triple-Overtime USFL playoff game on ABC, and no kickoff occurred to start the 3rd OT period, only the ends of the field at the LA coliseum were switched, with possession maintained by the offense, as a continuation of the same drive from the end of the 2nd OT period.

  3. Wow! Good to know someone was watching.

    With all of the revisions to the overtime section of the rulebook for modified sudden death, it is a little more clearly stated that there is another kickoff. Before then, it was probably an item in the officials’ Casebook.

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