Candidates for white hat in 2019

The coveted white hat worn by the referee There are two referee openings for the 2019 season after Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli retired. So far, they are the only two referees we know who have retired. There are very few chances for the NFL to test officials for future referee openings.

Wayback machine: When Walt Coleman entered the league in 1989

Walt Coleman worked his first NFL game as a line judge on September 10, 1989, between the Bears and Bengals. Mike Ditka and Sam Wyche were the coaches on the sideline. The future head of officiating Jerry Seeman was the referee. The head of officiating that season was Art McNally,

Referee Pete Morelli will retire after 22 seasons

Embed from Getty Images Pete Morelli, a veteran NFL official who served for 22 seasons, will retire from the league at the conclusion of the season. Morelli began his officiating career in 1971. He progressed from the high school level to officiating in the Big West and Western Athletic Conferences.  Morelli was

Saints-Rams officials harassed, had to change hotels after game

The fan reaction to the Saints-Rams NFC Conference Championship was so bad, security had to switch the officials' hotels and police had to help keep the crew safe Sunday night. According to Toronto Sun reporter John Kyrk, the crew returned to their hotel after the game and were harassed in person and via

Saints owner calls for changes in officiating

In a statement released after the most devastating loss in New Orleans Saints history, owner Gayle Benson said she will "aggressively pursue changes in NFL policies to ensure no team and fan base is ever put in a similar position again." Benson is speaking about the pass interference no-call at the