Bowling Green head coach ejected after drawing 2 unsportsmanlike conduct fouls

Frankly, I thought I'd never see it. Bowling Green head coach Scot Loeffler was ejected by the Mid-American Conference officiating crew lead by referee Jeremy Valentine in today's game against conference rival Buffalo. Loeffler also calls the offensive plays. After he was ejected, the offense scored 28 points and beat Buffalo

Week 7 photo gallery, 2021

When photographers record a NFL game, sometimes the officials are their subject or the officials wander into an action shot. With thanks to those team photographers and Getty Images, here are photos of NFL officials from Week 7. Team photographers (click on a photo to begin gallery): From Getty Images:

Players are adapting to the taunting point of emphasis faster than expected

For 2021, the NFL Competition Committee issued a point of emphasis directing the officials to strictly flag a player for unsportsmanlike conduct if they taunt an opponent, through words and actions that disrespect or demean. At the time I predicted that players and coaches would adapt to the new emphasis point after