5 officiating things I’m looking at in 2022

It is here. The NFL is ready to start its 103rd season and there are several things I'm looking for as I zebra-watch this fall. 1. New referee Tra Blake is the new referee, replacing the retired Tony Corrente. Blake is a referee in his third NFL season after spending his rookie

Phil Luckett was right

Officiating boss said, 'What Phil did is correct' In the last 14 years, former NFL referee Phil Luckett was been mocked at best for the coin toss controversy on Thanksgiving Day in Detroit. In the 1998 Thanksgiving Day game, the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers ended regulation in a tie, and

Modified sudden death rules for OT

It is no secret that we are very much opposed to the NFL's modified sudden death format. (Rather than repeat, see our rant from the 2010 season and our other posts.) Here are the overtime rules for all preseason, regular season, and postseason games: Modified sudden death only applies when the team

Triplette flubs recitation of OT rules

Jeff Triplette, meet Dante Hicks. Much like the downtrodden cashier from Clerks, Triplette was not even supposed to be here this Sunday. Triplette was heading Scott Green's crew while the rest of Triplette's crew had the holiday weekend off. So when overtime began in San Diego between the Broncos and Chargers,

Overtime shifts to ‘modified sudden death’

It was a solution looking for a problem. In 1941, the NFL adopted the sudden-death overtime into the rulebook, initially to break ties only in divisional playoff games (at that time divisional playoffs were similar to baseball's one-game playoff). It was expanded to include the league championship (actually, all postseason games,

Created controversy causes Competition Committee to cave

NFL OWNERS APPROVE 'MODIFIED SUDDEN DEATH' The Competition Committee moved on changing the dynamic of postseason overtime on a nonexistent platform: field position after a kickoff gives a short field for an easy put-the-game-away field goal. In postseason play, this situation has happened only three times. Yes, only three times has a


1st major modification in league history Yes, that headline is screaming. And for good reason. The NFL now can't simply resolve a tie game much like Major League Baseball (if necessary, play till 5 a.m. to resolve .006  percentage points in the standings), the NHL (after five minutes, go to a

Nothing on the table, but OT remains on Competition Committee agenda

The NFL homepage ran an Associated Press story quoting the Rich McKay, Falcons president and Competition Committee co-chairman. As it does almost every year, according to the commissioner, the Competition Committee is looking into the competitive balance of the current sudden-death overtime format. The committee met in Indianapolis before the

Commish says new OT rules may be considered

In his second annual State of the League address, Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the Competition Committee would be looking at a possible revision to the overtime rules. This idea has new traction after Peyton Manning watched the entire overtime period from the bench in the Colts' Wild Card loss