Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli will join forces in the 2019 Pro Bowl

Walt Coleman and Pete Morelli, both retiring at the end of this season, will be co-referees for this year's Pro Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Fla.       Yrs 2018 crew College Occupation R 65 Walt Coleman [icon name="chevron-circle-left"] 30   Arkansas dairy processor manager R 135 Pete Morelli [icon name="chevron-circle-left"] 22   St. Mary’s retired high school principal* U 44 Jeff Rice 24 Coleman Northwestern attorney DJ 22 Steve Stelljes [icon name="chevron-circle-left"] 17 Morelli Friends business planning manager LJ 98 Greg Bradley 10 Hochuli Tennessee chemical engineer FJ 21 Jeff Lamberth 17 Wrolstad Texas A&M attorney SJ 72 Michael Banks 17 Parry Illinois State carpenter