Do replacements have game admin skills?

[Editor's note: This is our weekly entry on officiating at National Football Post.] Few things are certain in life: death and taxes — and football officials will make errors. If pass interference isn’t called, it is in most cases a judgment call and not a problem, so long as it is applied

Monday night referee live blog

We will be tracking the officiating in the two Monday night games concluding the opening weekend of 2012. If you see something or have questions, post them in the comments or tweet us @footballzebras. Officials spotter's charts are in this post. [liveblog]

Official turns back to potential tinderbox

Week 1: Packers at 49ers There were many controversies between the Packers and 49ers, but one of the more minor disagreements in the game could have erupted into a major fracas partly due to a lack of observation and game sense from the back judge, Peter Shafer, number 94. With 4:47 remaining

Seahawks granted 4th timeout in error

Seahawks at Cardinals 4th qtr | :31 | AZ 20-16 | SEA ball | 2nd & goal @ 5  | video In the waning seconds of the game with the Seahawks trailing, a complete misapplication of the rules by the replacement officials nearly reversed the result of the game. If an injury occurs

Quick calls, Week 1

Watch here for a rundown of the calls that are under discussion today. Did you see something? Hit the comments section of this post or tweet us @footballzebras. Also, here are the rule changes for 2012: Overtime follows the modified sudden-death rules if a field goal is scored on the first possession