Images from Week 6

Photos used with permission from Getty Images. #457182780 / Tim Podraza prepares to stop the clock on Jim Harbuagh's timeout signal. #457070570 / Unpacking a fumble scrum in Houston. #456759384 / Side judge Jeff Lamberth

Week 6 referee assignments

#153306829 / Ronald Torbert -- seen here last season when he was a side judge -- leads his crew in this week's Thursday night game. The crews of Terry McAulay and Gene Steratore are off. Note: The Patriots-Bills game will now be aired by Fox, not CBS, under the cross-flex scheduling

Week 6 “Official Review”: Measurements, offsetting fouls, fumble calls, baseball

In this week's "Official Review," the NFL vice-president of officiating, Mike Pereira, discussed some fairly pedestrian calls from Week 6, leaving one controversial call uncovered (video, Part 1 and Part 2): The first-down measurement in the Steelers–Browns game which is widely disputed was correct, as we stated, because the camera angle

NFL quickly suspends Panthers’ Wesley 1 game for flagrant hit on punt returner

Justice came swift for the Panthers Dante Wesley for his hit on Clifton Smith of the Buccaneers that we described as being like a runaway locomotive. (He was ejected for the hit with 10 seconds remaining in the second quarter.) We expected an announcement either today or tomorrow, but the

On-field measurement not decisive on TV

Week 6: Browns at Steelers The Cleveland Plain Dealer is questioning whether a first down measurement sustained a drive that resulted in a Steelers field goal against the Browns (video, forward to 1:31). The hometown paper's headline screams the Steelers got three unearned points as a result of the measurement. The camera

Runaway locomotive hit on fair catch spawns ejection, brawl, maybe suspension

Week 6: Panthers at Buccaneers Dante Wesley of the Panthers was ejected for a flagrant hit on kick returner Clifton Smith of the Buccaneers. Smith called for a fair catch, and Wesley flattened him to the turf long before the ball even got there. It was penalized as both fair-catch interference