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Week 4 referee assignments

Jerome Boger and his Eastern-based crew will be on hand this Thursday as the Broncos meet the Jets at MetLife Stadium. Craig Wrolstad is off this week.

Clete Blakeman’s crew has been taken off the Colts-Bears game following the positive covid-19 tests from the Tennessee Titans; Blakeman’s crew officiated the game between the Titans and Vikings last week.

Additionally, the Titans-Steelers and Patriots-Chiefs games have been postponed due to increasing positive test results from those teams. All other scheduled game assignments are subject to change due to the pandemic.

Thursday, Oct. 1

  • Broncos at Jets  NFLN  â€”  Jerome Boger

Sunday, Oct. 4

  • Colts at Bears  â€”  Clete Blakeman Craig Wrolstad
  • Jaguars at Bengals  â€”  Alex Kemp
  • Browns at Cowboys  â€”  Clay Martin
  • Saints at Lions  â€”  Shawn Smith
  • Steelers at Titans  â€”  Shawn Hochuli POSTPONED TO WEEK 7
  • Seahawks at Dolphins  â€”  Scott Novak
  • Chargers at Buccaneers  â€”  Brad Allen
  • Ravens at WAS Football Team  â€”  Adrian Hill
  • Cardinals at Panthers  â€”  Ron Torbert
  • Vikings at Texans  â€”  Brad Rogers
  • Giants at Rams  â€”  John Hussey
  • Patriots at Chiefs  â€”  Tony Corrente POSTPONED
  • Bills at Raiders  â€”  Land Clark
  • Eagles at 49ers  NBC  â€”  Bill Vinovich

Monday, Oct. 5

  • Falcons at Packers  ESPN  â€”  Carl Cheffers

NFL rescheduled, relocated, and canceled games, since 1980

Source: So You Think You Know Football?, Football Zebras research. Does not include preseason, games moved within the normal Sunday afternoon slots, or games that were scheduled around conflicts in advance. Shaded rows indicate games that were moved up to an earlier date. *Postseason game.

Date Teams Incident Resolution
10/25/2020 PIT-BAL Rescheduling accommodation Postponed to Nov. 1 due to rescheduling of PIT-TEN, and BAL takes originally scheduled PIT bye week
10/4/2020 NE-KC Coronavirus Postponed to Monday night
10/4/2020 PIT-TEN Coronavirus Postponed to Oct. 25
9/10/2017 TB-MIA Incoming hurricane (Irma) Postponed to Nov. 19 when both teams were scheduled to have a bye week
1/15/2017 PIT-KC* Forecasted ice storm Postponed from 12:05 local time to 7:20 local time (8:20 p.m. Eastern)
11/23/2014 NYJ-BUF Snow Relocated to Ford Field in Detroit on Monday night, state of emergency declared in Buffalo
10/6/2013 SD-OAK Conflict with baseball playoffs Postponed from 4:25 PT to 8:35 PT (11:35 p.m. ET) to allow for stadium reset
12/26/2010 MIN-PHI Incoming blizzard Postponed from Sunday night to Tuesday night.
12/13/2010 NYG-MIN Stadium damage (snow collapsed roof) Relocated to Ford Field in Detroit on Monday night.
12/20/2010 CHI-MIN Relocated to TCF Stadium at the Univ. of Minnesota
11/9/2008 TEN-CIN Rescheduling accommodation Moved up to Oct. 26 due to rescheduling of BAL-HOU, and CIN took originally scheduled HOU bye week
9/14/2008 BAL-HOU Stadium damage (Hurricane Ike) Postponed to Nov. 9
10/23/2005 KC-MIA Incoming hurricane (Wilma) Moved up to Friday night
9/18/2005 NYG-NO Hurricane damage to city (Katrina) Relocated to Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. as acting home team on Monday night
10/2/2005 BUF-NO Relocated to Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas
10/16/2005 ATL-NO
12/24/2005 DET-NO
10/30/2005 MIA-NO Relocated to Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La.
11/6/2005 CHI-NO
12/4/2005 TB-NO
12/18/2005 CAR-NO
9/26/2004 PIT-MIA Incoming hurricane (Jeanne) Postponed from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Eastern time)
9/12/2004 TEN-MIA Incoming hurricane (Ivan) Moved up to Saturday
10/27/2003 MIA-SD Wildfires, evacuation operations Relocated to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz.
10/21/2001 DAL-OAK Potential conflict with baseball playoffs Moved up to Oct. 7, but the Oakland A’s were subsequently eliminated
9/17—18/2001 15 games Terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 Postponed Week 2 games to the end of the schedule; playoff games and the Super Bowl all pushed back one week (first February Super Bowl)
10/26/1997 CHI-MIA Conflict with Game 7 of World Series Postponed to Monday night
9/6/1992 NE-MIA Hurricane recovery (Andrew) Postponed to Oct. 18 when both teams were scheduled to have a bye week
10/14/1990 HOUO-CIN Conflict with baseball playoffs Teams swapped dates of their home games
10/22/1989 NE-SF Stadium damage (Loma Prieta earthquake) Relocated to Stanford Stadium at Stanford Univ.
10/8/1989 NO-SF Conflict with baseball playoffs Teams swapped dates of their home games
10/25/1987 DEN-MIN Conflict with Game 7 of World Series Postponed to Monday night
10/18/1987 TB-MIN Conflict with World Series Teams swapped dates of their home games. Original MIN home game was a strike game.
10/11/1987 ATL-SF Conflict with baseball playoffs Teams swapped dates of their home games. Original SF home game was a strike game.
9/27—28/1987 14 games NFL players’ strike Cancelled all Week 3 games
12/29/1985 NE-NYJ* Shared stadium Both wild card games in Giants Stadium, moved up AFC game to Saturday
10/13/1985 PHI-STLC Conflict with baseball playoffs Teams swapped dates of their home games
9/2/1984 CLE-SEA Conflict with scheduled baseball game Postponed to Monday afternoon 1pm PT after trying to force Mariners game to move
10/16/1983 DAL-PHI Conflict with World Series Teams swapped dates of their home games
9/4/1983 PHI-SF Conflict with baseball/event Moved up to Saturday to allow field to rest before Monday’s SF Giants game and postgame Chuck Mangione–Ray Charles concert
11/22/1982 SD-LARAI Franchise relocated Relocated all Oakland games to Los Angeles. After 1982 schedule printed, Raiders franchise won court injunction allowing team to move. Four games canceled by strike.
12/5/1982 SEA-LARAI
12/18/1982 LAR-LARAI
12/26/1982 DEN-LARAI
9/26—11/14/1982 112 games NFL players’ strike Week 3-10 not played, 98 games cancelled, 14 games rescheduled as Week 17; playoff format modified, postseason games (except Super Bowl) moved out 1 week

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Cameron Filipe
Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist from Massachusetts and has been involved in football officiating for 11 years. Cam is in his third season as a high school football official. This is his eighth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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  1. Why does the colts at bears have clete Blakeman and his crew and a updated article said that he is off this week and craig wrolstad is the referee for that game and the nfl could have a quarantine bubble and play in cities like florida like miami tampa Jacksonville or texas like houston and dallas or los Angeles Las Vegas new Orleans Atlanta kansascity

  2. Interesting that Craig Wrolstad and his crew are replacing Clete Blakeman and his crew in Chicago. I wonder: When was the last time in the regular season that a team saw the same officiating crew two weeks in a row?

  3. How in the heck is Scott Novak, with three Denver-based officials on the crew, going to Miami???

  4. Patriots vs. Chiefs is still expected to be played this week but on Monday instead of Sunday

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