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Week 6 officiating field report

Football Zebras is covering the officials and rules interpretations for Week 6 in the NFL with live updates below on Sunday.

If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.

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9 thoughts on “Week 6 officiating field report

  1. During the Saints/Jags game it was stated that reviews/replays of pass interference are all done at game speed, never using slow motion. So, if the error cannot be detected at real speed, it can’t be overturned. That was the first I’d heard of this detail of the review process.

  2. Refs make a complete botch of Lions-Packers MNF game. Make 3 absolutely horrible calls against Lions that cost them the game. Really inexcusable. And someone is going to have to explain to me why hands to the face isn’t reviewable, when the lineman’s hands never even touch the opposing lineman’s face.

  3. There were 4 ridiculously horrible calls against the Lions in MNF. Also, a case can be made that the Hockenson play in the endzone should’ve been a TD given that they dropped the “entire process” of the catch nonsense. He caught the ball, landed with 2 feet in the endzone, tucked the ball (football move), but lost control when he hit the ground.

    The other point to note is that Trey Flowers was never called for hands to the face in New England, and would not have been called on MNF if he was wearing a Patriots jersey. Just saying.

  4. Apparently the NFL has also changed the interpretation of intent on helmet-to-helmet plays too, despite what an article on this site from from last week says. At least, if head ref Clete Blakeman’s post-game statement about the penalty called on the Allison-Walker 3rd down collision, which clearly was not intentional (and essentially gave the Packers a FG), is to be taken as definitive.

  5. Bakhtiari now admits he was lobbying Umpire Rice for Hands To The Face calls by telling his he was “staring at the sky.” Bakhtiari admits he was angry about a holding call earlier in the game and began asking Rice over and over, “What you aren’t calling hands to the face anymore.”

  6. Funny, because if you watch the video of both calls, Bakhtiari starts off with a hand to Trey Flower’s facemask. Why are the calling O-lineman for hands to the face anymore?

  7. Interesting that NFL officials are now apparently allowing players to make their own calls (or store up calls for use during crucial game situations). At least for certain teams, that is.

    Perhaps this would account for part of the large disparity in penalties on opponents that Green Bay benefits from (and Detroit does not), as pointed out by USA Today this week? I know people here on this site scoff at this stuff, but it really is far too glaring to be explained away as just some sort of statistical anomaly.

  8. I agree with you, Al O. You are so correct. Anyone who sees it differently is only seeing what they want to see. As someone else pointed out, why should Detroit have to score 2-3 more times to overcome the bad calls when outplaying the opponent should be enough.

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