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Quick calls: Week 11 liveblog

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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One thought on “Quick calls: Week 11 liveblog

  1. Your piece about Fournette’s diving touchdown is inaccurate. It was ruled short on the field and the Jaguars had to challenge the play to get it overturned to a touchdown. That’s not to say you’re not correct on Fournette “disappearing” during the play, but you’re incorrect in giving the on-field officials credit for calling it a touchdown.

    Speaking of the Steelers – Jaguars game, it’s fortunate the officials decided to officiate at the end of the game after letting Jacksonville’s DBs get away with murder all game. As off as Roethlisberger was early on, it looked even worse because of what Jacksonville’s DBs were allowed to get away with.

    I don’t have anything against Pete Morelli personally, but he should have been run out of the league ~13 years ago when he overturned Troy Polamalu’s interception in the playoffs against the Colts. Erring that badly on a major replay decision is and was unacceptable, and it was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen.

    You’re exactly right on the Tre’Quan Smith call. It’s understandable at game speed. It’s inexcusable to attempt to justify it with the benefit of replay, but Al Riveron has long since proven he has no idea what he’s doing and should play no part in rendering replay decisions.

    I’m torn on the TY Hilton play. Obviously you have to draw the line somewhere, but in this particular play, they allowed it to play out and then decided he was out-of-bounds. Even if he’d been a couple yards further back, the fact that they eventually decided he was OOB doesn’t change the fact that the defense wasn’t stopping him.

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