Jordy Nelson scored on a catch that was not a catch

NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino addressed the touchdown by Packers receiver Jordy Nelson in his weekly Official Review segment on NFL Network. In the Sunday night game, Nelson caught a 13-yard pass in the end zone from quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Redskins defensive back Josh Norman immediately knocked

Steratore crew defeated in Monday night game

It takes a lot for this space to turn on the crews. This year has been particularly troubling for officiating, although a fair share of the criticism has been a mixture of trumped-up rhetoric and outrage over quick judgement calls without the benefit of replay. Improved technology that offers crisp

Week 11 “Official Review”: Never-ending game, 2 more errors on replay reviews

This week's "Official Review" from the NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira has one less play under scrutiny than usual (three, rather than four). That doesn't leave us shortchanged, as there are multiple levels of discussion on two plays (video, part 1 and part 2). Unfortunately, for the second week in

Replay overturns call it should not have

Week 11: Redskins at Cowboys In the closing seconds of the second quarter of the Redskins–Cowboys game, Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell was driven out of bounds for a 5-yard loss as he threw a forward pass. Replay official Bob McGrath called for a review, and referee Alberto Riveron reversed the call

Lions QB hurt, allowed to return for TD

Week 11: Browns at Lions In addition to the squabbling in the Browns locker room over the quarter-extending penalty, there was a confusing substitution on the second chance awarded to the Lions by penalty (video). Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford suffered a separated shoulder after being hit on a Hail Mary pass, which,

Browns blame zebras, not themselves, for 4th quarter collapse against Lions

Week 11: Browns at Lions The headline is but a part of the story, as Marla Ridenour of the Akron Beacon Journal reports: "Browns' defensive captain takes blame for loss." After a the Browns had a commanding 21-point lead in the first quarter, the Lions were able to take the lead,

Replay-challenged crew delays game to avoid 5-yard error

When I started this blog, the idea was to provide insights and analysis of the officiating crews in the National Football League. Since the Internet is chock full of finger-pointing and conspiracy theories against those in the monochromatic jerseys, I decided we would avoid becoming a contributing voice to that