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Quick calls: Week 4 liveblog

Keep checking here for rolling coverage throughout the day on Sunday. If you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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5 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 4 liveblog

  1. Congrats to Walt Anderson for winning this weeks “Screw someone over award”. Calls roughing the passer when the qb didn’t even go down. Then blows a whistle to end a play when the player was still going forward and fumbled the ball. Alberto Trump is proud of you.

  2. So, you’re telling me that a QB can go to the ground on his own, stand up and then wait until the defensive players relax then run or throw the ball? If Dak Prescott was giving himself up, then he should have stayed down, period.

    You and I both know that ONLY THE DETROIT LIONS ARE FLAGGED ON THAT PLAY!!!! I am not saying that this particular play is what caused the Lions the game. What I am saying is that this is another example of the Detroit Lions getting the lowest standard of officiating possible. It is completely logical and rational to realize that the NFL is Never Fair to the Lions.

    What really angers me is how the NFL is treating 93 yr. old Martha Ford. What did she do to deserve this?

  3. No mention of the absolute screwjob the Sunday night game was in Baltimore’s favor?

    -Missed obvious hold on Baltimore’s second TD. TJ Watt was the one being held.
    -Missed illegal formation when Baltimore tried, and failed, to line up a tight end as a legal receiver in the middle of the offensive line.
    -Blown spot, followed by “call stands” on Steelers challenge, on a 3rd down play. Instead of 4th and inches, it was 1st and 10. Unlike the Cleveland player, the Ravens player was clearly short.
    -Improperly calling a Flacco fumble an incomplete pass, saving the Ravens ~10 yards.

    I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something else. The Steelers didn’t play that well, but they also had the officials keeping the Ravens offense on the field.

  4. On the missed trip in the Saints Giants game, could the BJ have called that one? Granted he is 30-40 yards away from the LOS, but without knowing the positions of all the players it seems like he might’ve been able to see it.
    Also food for thought: would the proposed MJ from previous pre-season games be watching for this or is this R or U territory?

  5. so the ref made the EAGLES lose their game what do you do about that absolutely not a thing . how about that ?????
    these ref have a lot to see out there on that field but somebody should have caught the hit to wentz head come on now let’s get these calls right these guys are out there getting hurt and ridicule but the fans who think they are not playing their hardest . see and make the right calls we had a nothing bad call on the eagles # 30 was running with ball and he was called for holding but call stand did not correct it

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