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NFL releases 10 proposals for rule changes, plus additional administrative policies and bylaws

The NFL released the 10 proposals for rules changes, 12 bylaws changes, and 4 policy proposals that will be up for consideration.



The NFL released the 10 proposals for rules changes, 12 bylaws changes, and 4 policy proposals that will be up for consideration at the annual league meeting March 25-28 in Orlando. A brief summary of each is listed below, indicating the team that proposed it or “CC” for a Competition Committee proposal.

Playing rules

  1. Touchback to the 25 after a kickoff to be a permanent rule, after 2 years of trial (CC)
  2. Modify what constitutes a catch, including removal of the “going to the ground” provision (CC)
  3. Illegal batting by the offense would also be loss of down (and 10 yds) in most cases, consistent with illegal kicking (CC)
  4. Roughing the passer and defenseless player hits reviewable in replay (LAC)
  5. All personal fouls reviewable in replay (WAS)
  6. Maximum 15-yd defensive pass interference, except for intentional acts (NYJ)
  7. Allow officiating executives to call for ejections on fouls called by the crew (CC)
  8. Coach’s challenges must be made within 40 seconds of entering a television break (CC)
  9. Eliminate extra-point kicks on game-winning touchdowns at the expiration of regulation (CC)
  10. In overtime with a team trailing by 3, any score counts on a play with a turnover; down runs to completion (CC)

Bylaws proposals

  1. New procedures for draft prospect testing to be permanent after 1-year trial (CC)
  2. Reduce restrictions on reacquiring players assigned via waivers (BUF)
  3. Reduce restrictions of procedural recall waivers for players on Reserve/Retired list (BUF)
  4. Allow injured reserve players to be traded (DEN)
  5. Allow non-vested injured reserve players to avoid waivers prior to roster cutdown (MIA)
  6. Reduce postseason waivers from 10 days to 24 hours (MIN)
  7. Limit Western teams from playing more than 3 away games earlier than 1 p.m. in their home time zone (SF-AZ-LAC)
  8. Allow video on coach’s tablets on sideline and in booth (CC)
  9. Injured reserve players may return after 8 games, not 8 weeks (CC)
  10. Injury settlements extended from 5 to 7 business days (CC)
  11. Revise reserve list reinstatement deadlines to close a loophole caused by Thursday night games (CC)
  12. Revise recall dates from military reserve list to be consistent with the trading deadline (CC)

Policy proposals

  1. Allow officiating inquiries about specific plays to be shared with opponent in that game (WAS)
  2. Require permanent female locker facilities in all stadiums by 2021 for home, away, and officiating staffs (SF)
  3. Open contract negotiation and signing for a head coach candidate still active in postseason (CC)
  4. Relax tampering rules for teams contacting a veteran player who has been publicly announced as cut, but prior to the league’s formal notification (CC)

Full text of the proposals can be found here:


Cam Filipe is a forensic scientist and has been involved in football officiating for 12 years. Cam is in his fourth season as a high school football official. This is his ninth season covering NFL officiating for Football Zebras.

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