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2016 Conference Championships

Championship liveblog: Steelers at Patriots

Football Zebras liveblog coverage of the AFC Championship between the Steelers and Patriots.



2016 AFC Championship

Follow us here for rolling coverage of the calls and rules interpretations of the Conference Championship game from Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

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Today’s crew is headed by Terry McAulay.

      Yrs 2016 crew College Occupation
R 77 Terry McAulay 19   Louisiana State college officiating coordinator
U 49 Rich Hall 13 Boger Arizona custom cabinetry
HL 106 Wayne Mackie 10 Hussey Colgate director of operations, housing
LJ 9 Mark Perlman 16 Vinovich Salem teacher
FJ 3 Scott Edwards 18 Triplette Alabama environmental engineer
SJ 41 Boris Cheek 21 Morelli Morgan State director of operations and management
BJ 112 Tony Steratore 17 Boger California (Pa.) co-owner, supply company
  • Replay: Mike Wimmer
  • Alternates: John Parry (R), Mark Steinkerchner (LJ), Rich Martinez (BJ)

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