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Our playoff predictions: Split between Walts, Corrente a top consensus

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Our annual tradition is to predict which referees are assigned to the postseason and the Pro Bowl. As we find every year, there tends to be a razor-thin line at the playoff cut, so an omission on this list does not necessarily mean we thought the referee was not worthy of a playoff assignment. We simply ran out of room.

You can see how we did in previous years (2014, 2013, and 2012), and feel free to make your own predictions in the comments section below.

   Ben Austro Mark Schultz
Super Bowl   Walt Coleman      Walt Anderson
Conference Championship   Tony Corrente   Tony Corrente
  Bill Vinovich   Ed Hochuli
Divisional Playoffs   Clete Blakeman   Brad Allen
  Walt Coleman   Walt Anderson
  Terry McAulay      Carl Cheffers
Craig Wrolstad   Terry McAulay   
Wild Card Playoffs   Carl Cheffers   Walt Coleman   
  Ed Hochuli   Gene Steratore
  John Parry      Ron Torbert   
  Ron Torbert      Bill Vinovich
Pro Bowl   Jeff Triplette   Clete Blakeman (1)
   36    30


We will score the predictions as follows: 5 points for a correctly slotted referee, 3 points for selections off by a round, 2 for two rounds, 1 for three rounds, and 1 point each for a Pro Bowl guess who works the playoffs and a playoff guess who works the Pro Bowl.

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24 thoughts on “Our playoff predictions: Split between Walts, Corrente a top consensus

  1. Super Bowl: Carl Cheffers
    Conference Championship: Bill Vinovich, Walt Anderson
    Division Playoffs: Gene Steratore, Walt Coleman, John Parry, Brad Allen
    Wild Card Playoffs: Ron Torbert, Clete Blakeman, Terry McAulay, Tony Corrente
    Pro Bowl: Jerome Boger

  2. My predictions:
    Super Bowl: Tony Corrente
    Conf. Championship: Cheffers and McAulay
    Divisional:Corrente, Vinovich, Coleman, Blakeman
    Wild Card: Anderson, Hochuli, Parry, Steratore
    Pro Bowl: Morelli

  3. Super Bowl: Clete Blakeman
    Conference Champ: McAulay, Parry
    Division Round: Blakeman, Hochuli, Anderson, Coleman
    Wild Card: Steratore, Corrente, Cheffers, Wrolstad
    Pro Bowl: Peter Morelli

  4. Super Bowl: Corrente
    Conference Championship: McAulay, Anderson
    Divisional: Cheffers, Blakeman, Coleman, Corrente
    Wildcard: Hochuli, Parry, Torbert, Vinovich
    Pro Bowl: Morelli

  5. Super Bowl: Walt Anderson
    Conf. Championships: Allen and McAulay
    Divisional Weekend: Anderson, Cheffers, Corrente, Wrolstad
    Wild Card Weekend: Blakeman, Coleman, Parry, Torbert
    Pro Bowl: Gene Steratore

  6. Super Bowl: Corrente
    Conference championships: Hochuli, Anderson
    Divisional: Corrente, McAulay, Cheffers, Blakeman
    Wild card: Steratore, Coleman, Vinovich, Torbert
    Pro Bowl: Allen

  7. Super Bowl: Corrente
    Conf Championship: McAuley, Vinovich
    Divisional Playoffs: Cheffers, Coleman, Corrente, Torbert
    Wild Card: Allen, Hoculi, Parry, Steratore
    Pro Bowl: Blakeman

  8. Super bowl: carl cheffers
    Conference championship: John parry clete blakemen
    Divisional round: walt anderson carl cheffers bill vinovich tony corrente
    Wild card round: ed hochuli terry mcaulay Ronald torbert brad allen
    Pro bowl: pete morelli

  9. Why the red “x” on the Terry McAulay/Carl Cheffers divisional assignment? Do we know something already?

  10. I thought the super bowl referee would be any Tier 1 referee that has not yet been assigned to a Super Bowl, not just the best one throughout the year. Which means Blakeman, Steratore or Cheffers would be favorites.

  11. SB-Blakeman
    conf champ-Corrente (even though I think he is undeserving)
    Divisional-MacAuley, Parry, Cheffers, Wrolstad
    Wildcard-Hochuli, Torbert, Vinovich, Anderson
    Pro Bowl-Triplette

  12. super bowl Steratore.
    Finals Hochuli Vinovich(considering the tough year many refs had perhaps the rule might be waived and Vinovich gets 2 in a row only time was Tunney)( if it happens you heard it here first).
    divisional corrente coleman steratore anderson
    wd. card parry boger cheffers blakeman
    pro bowl Triplette.

  13. WC: Vinovich, Torbert, Esq., Gene, McAulay
    Div: Coleman, Hochuli, Blakeman, Corrente
    Champ: Cheffers, Perry
    Pro Bowl: Morelli
    Super Bowl: Coleman

  14. Wild Card: Boger, Allen, Cheffers, Corrente
    Divisional: Corrente, Anderson, Hochuli, Torbert
    Conference Championships: Blakeman, Parry
    Pro Bowl: Coleman
    Super Bowl: Anderson

  15. Super Bowl: Coleman
    Conference: Corrente, Parry
    Divisional : Anderson, Coleman, Torbert, Morelli
    Wild Card: Blakeman, Vinovich, Cheffers, Boger
    Pro Bowl: Hochuli

    TOILET BOWL: McAulay (Final Game of his career)

  16. Why is nobody discussing Bogar. Is he not eligible for a playoff game? I thought second year referees were not eligible for a playoff game.

  17. Wild Card: Coleman,Blakeman,Parry,Wrolsted
    Pro Bowl:Triplette
    Super Bowl:Blakeman

  18. Super Bowl: Clete Blakeman
    Pro Bowl: Jeff Triplette
    Conference: Terry McCauley, John Parry
    Division: Clete Blakeman, Carl Cheffers, Tony Corrente, Ed Hochuli
    Wild Card: Bill Vinovich, Gene Steratore, Pete Morelli, Walt Anderson

  19. Super Bowl: Gene Seratore
    Championship Games: Terry McAully and Bill Vinovich
    Divisional Playoffs: Walt Coleman, John Parry, Ed Hochuli, Carl Cheffers
    Wild Card: Gene Seratore, Walt Anderson, Clete Blakeman, Tony Corrente
    Pro Bowl: Jerome Bogar

  20. I swear, I have no inside knowledge, but I pegged three of the four for the WC. Missed on Vinovich only because he did the big game last year and didn’t think he’d go deep. Might be a divisional pick.

  21. SB50 Carl Cheffers
    Championship AFC Tony Corrente
    NFC Ed Hochuli
    Divisional Cheffers, Mcauley, Vinovich, Parry
    Wild card Allen, Torbert, Coleman, Anderson
    Pro Bowl Triplette

  22. After pegging three of the four in the wild card, I pegged three of the four for the divisional. Missed Cheffers and Wrolstad got it instead.

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