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Week 16 referee assignments

The Chargers and Raiders will be spending Christmas Eve with Carl Cheffers and his crew. Jerome Boger is off this week.

Update: Jeff Triplette’s crew is off this week, but Triplette is substituting for Boger.

Thursday, Dec. 24

  • Chargers at Raiders NFLN — Carl Cheffers

Saturday, Dec. 26

  • Washington at Eagles NFLN — Walt Coleman

Sunday, Dec. 27

  • 49ers at Lions — Bill Vinovich
  • Steelers at Ravens — Craig Wrolstad
  • Cowboys at Bills — Jeff Triplette (with Jerome Boger’s crew)
  • Bears at Buccaneers — Pete Morelli
  • Panthers at Falcons — John Parry
  • Colts at Dolphins — Gene Steratore
  • Patriots at Jets — Clete Blakeman
  • Texans at Titans — Brad Allen
  • Browns at Chiefs — Walt Anderson
  • Jaguars at Saints — Ron Torbert
  • Packers at Cardinals — Terry McAulay
  • Rams at Seahawks — John Hussey
  • Giants at Vikings NBC — Tony Corrente

Monday, Dec. 28

  • Bengals at Broncos ESPN — Ed Hochuli

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39 thoughts on “Week 16 referee assignments

  1. Cam, he seems to be getting preferential treatment from the NFL. I guess because he’s a “veteran” official. I hate it. I hate watching the games he officiates.

  2. mcaulay has always been an arrogant idiot. he has no footballs to eject a player and always gets scared when the moment gets big a la bottle gate. he also had no footballs to right a wrong call on a made PAT when it was missed in a college football game he was the coordinator of officials for.

    corrente sucks and i am so sick of him getting all the big assignments. sarah thomas is just a bust and not because she is a woman but because she sucks as an official.

    dale shaw probably gets fired at the end of the year a la keith parham a few years ago.

  3. The reason Tony Corrente has gotten 3 Sunday night games is that his scheduled games got Flexed by the NFL from a day game to Sunday night to replace a game that has no playoff implications.

  4. I was wondering the same thing Cam. I guess the league just really likes him under the lights for big matchups and he hasn’t been involved in many controversial calls.

  5. How is McAuley rewarded with the week’s premier match up after he allowed that atrocity to take place in the Meadowlands? A game with playoff-seeding implications should not be left in the hands of a man who has repeatedly shown the inability to keep the game under control. Pats @ Jets is another big spot for Clete Blakeman. Can we all agree that he is the leader in the clubhouse for SB50?

  6. If it’s a new guy, it’ll be Cheffers or Blakeman. If it’s someone who’s worked the Super Bowl before, I’d venture a guess that it’ll be Walt Anderson or Tony Corrente.

    Now with regards to McAulay, he and his crew did have a rough go on Sunday. However, the true test isn’t the adversity itself, but rather how one responds to it. Considering how McAulay responded to “Bottlegate” (3 Super Bowls, 6 Conference Championships), I’m sure he’ll continue to be among the best refs in the league.

  7. Mcaulay’s response to bottlegate?? He still hasn’t recovered. He stinks….consistently since bottlegate. The Super Bowls and playoff games he has received haven’t gone well and others more deserving were left out.

    Here is one thing we know about all games Mcaulay works. The games will last way longer than necessary incorporating ridiculous penalties EXCEPT for ones that need to be called.

    Saying all of this, egotistical brother of Mcauley’s, Gene Steratore, still is at the bottom of the trash bin.

  8. If McAulay hadn’t recovered from Bottlegate, he’d been put back as a Side Judge. He has recovered very well and to say that his playoff games haven’t gone well is so wrong it’s funny. Whether you acknowledge it or not, he is one of the best the NFL has to offer. If you can’t accept that, then don’t watch.

  9. Even though he is not well liked and seems to be having a bad yr one of my favorite is gene steratore

  10. I say bring back Mike Carey, one of the best ever imo. Always called his games consistently. Only notable incident with him was that spitting thing with Washington. As for SB from this year’s performance, it should be Blakeman or Parry.

  11. Loving the banter this week fellow Zebras! Completely agree with Alec B on the McAulay assignment…Dean Blandino should have shown some guts and sent him to Detroit or New Orleans! Also how do people feel about Walt Coleman’s season…I feel like he’s quietly put together a strong campaign and could have a Conference Championship game in his future…

  12. I predict either Corrente or Cheffers will work the Super Bowl.
    I eliminated the other white hats as follows:
    Allen( not enough years in the league)Coleman and Triplette (will never work a Super Bowl), Vinovich and McAulay(too soon to repeat) Morelli and Steratore (sub par seasons) Parry and Boger (haven’t worked a playoff game since their reffed the Super Bowl in 2012 and 2013). Hussey (not eligible, 1st year as white hat) Wrolstad and Torbert (have not been a white hat in a playoff game yet)Hochuli, Blakeman and Anderson should work the playoffs but I don’t think they will work the Super Bowl.

  13. We are OVERDUE with FULL TIME REFEREES and be their own man, NOT an N F L Employee.
    The easiest way to do this is sit down with the NCAA, make both games the same.
    The New Fan would grasp the game fast.
    The Zebras could do both College & Pro and if they work, two / three times a week, they may improve.
    The way things are now, in both games, it’s wotht a shot.

  14. If you like penalties, Terry Mcaulay is your man. If you like hearing his voice and don’t mind 4 hour games, Terry Mcaulay is your man.

    If you believe that this gentleman is one of the best the league has, then you spent time with him on Christmas. Only family members believe this.

    If you have any background in officiating, its quite obvious many other referees are superior.

    You want another Bottlegate, root for him to do a playoff game.

  15. I agree with Alek K…..Walt Coleman has a solid season and deserves at least a Championship game.

  16. Leroy, let me preface this by saying that they could’ve handled the situation better and everybody agrees on that point.

    However, the league is high on Terry McAulay because he’s good! It’s plain and simple despite your denial. He’s worked 3 modern era Super Bowls, which isn’t as easy as it was when so many of the old timers were racking up SBs. His game control and flow has only come into question one other time and yes, as you mentioned, it was “Bottlegate” in 2001! That was 14 years ago. Terry has moved on, quite nicely might I add; you should probably do the same (even though I know you won’t).

    Yes, there was error in the game; nobody’s denying that. But I’m sure you’ve made them at the high school or Pop Warner level right? Maybe you’ve been fortunate to make errors in small college like NAIA or D3?

    But in the holiday spirit, I will agree with you on Walt Coleman; he has had a solid season.

  17. I Don’t like in playoff rules fo official replacement full year well no body the work super or playoff that why to that rules ron tobert and brad allen and john hussy

  18. mcaulay wreaks of arrogance and i hate him. he screwed up a big east game as the director of officials when syracuse made a field goal that shouldn’t have counted and determined the outcome of the game. he had no balls to overturn the call.

    arrogant prick.

  19. Crusty Retired Vet = Ted Mcauley…Terry’s brother.

    Its sad that family members have to post on message boards to protect the bad reputation a brother has created.

    Bad is bad and Terry Mcauley quite simply is bad. He maybe a fantastic insurance salesman but his Sunday performances…..STINK.

    And like Will says, he does come off as an arrogant prick.

  20. So Leroy, did you see McAulay work today? No incidents, no controversies, and no arrogance. I believe you owe this board an apology.

  21. No apology required.

    I don’t know what game you were watching but his performance today was average AT BEST.

  22. Got to say that Clete Blakeman is a very good referee.

    The two guys he has as HL and LJ are grossly incompetent. Maybe the worst duo in the league. Although Morelli might argue he has worse.

  23. As for all the negative McAuley commentary. He is definitely competent.

    But, good Lord is that guy arrogant.

  24. Guys: Someone posted that comment (Dec 26 at 313 pm) under my moniker, Crusty Retired Vet. Someone is trying to pretend they are me. I am the original Crusty Retired Vet, and I DID NOT POST the comment above regarding the McAulay.

    By the way, how did you all like how Hochuli screwed up the coin toss in tonight’s game??? What a joke. H eneeds to go!

  25. Week 17: REDSKINS at Cowboys- Not CB,CC,JP,WC,RT,CW,BA,JT,JB
    Prediction: Bill Vinovich or Gene Steratore

  26. Hussey’s crew was horrible in the Seahawks game. Rams hit Wilson after he slides and they say there is no penalty because it wasn’t helmut to helmut (what?) One fumble they said was Rams, then Hawks, then Rams again. Line judge left the line of scrimmage marker early causing Wilson to step over the line of scrimmage when throwing (penalty.) On the Seahawks radio broadcast you could hear the calls in the background – they were confused and wrong. It was like watching the Peyton Manning commercial where they forget to turn off the mic.

  27. Bengals called TAILS, and the coin comes up HEADS, and says the Bengals won the toss and elected to defer. They also missed 3 PI calls and a face mask. Called on face mask waaaaay after the play was over. The PF on Burfict was a bad call. Once again Ed strikes again.

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