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Week 12 referee assignments

We will update this post when we have all of the remaining crews confirmed. For now, here are your Thanksgiving day referees:

  • Eagles at Lions FOX â€” John Parry
  • Panthers at Cowboys CBS â€” Ron Torbert
  • Bears at Packers NBC â€” Ed Hochuli

This appears to be Hochuli’s first Thanksgiving assignment since … Leon Lett mishandled a blocked field goal attempt in 1993, giving the Dolphins a victory over the Cowboys.

Update: Here are the rest of the assignments for the remaining games for Week 12. We are all done with bye weeks for the regular season, so we are back to only one crew on rest. This week, Gene Steratore’s crew will be resting up at home.

Sunday, Nov. 29

  • Saints at Texans — John Hussey
  • Rams at Bengals — Craig Wrolstad
  • Vikings at Falcons — Clete Blakeman
  • Giants at Washington — Carl Cheffers
  • Buccaneers at Colts — Walt Coleman
  • Bills at Chiefs — Terry McAulay
  • Raiders at Titans — Jeff Triplette
  • Chargers at Jaguars — Jerome Boger
  • Dolphins at Jets — Bill Vinovich
  • Cardinals at 49ers — Pete Morelli
  • Steelers at Seahawks — Walt Anderson
  • Patriots at Broncos NBC — Tony Corrente

Monday, Nov. 30

  • Ravens at Browns ESPN — Brad Allen

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27 thoughts on “Week 12 referee assignments

  1. The officials working the New England buffalo game are getting paid off by the NFL.
    All of them should be prosecuted for being involved in cheating

  2. @Chris I agree. Steratore sucks. He is definitely one of the bottom four refs in the league, according to my power rankings.

  3. No crew as bad as the crew that worked the Seahawks/ Cardinals game 8 days ago. Gave that game to the Cardinals on the road.

  4. @Chuck, maybe the events of the past few hours have changed your mind.

  5. Been a season ticket holder since 1990. Never sold a seat and that Sunday night game against the Cardinals was the worst all around officiated game since Super Bowl XL, oh yeah, the Seahawks got jobbed in that one too. The officiating is really so lousy all over the game that it’s hard to focus on any one crew or game. Pathetic!

  6. There have been a couple of morons on this board wanting a Steratore playoff game or even Super Bowl.

    I wouldn’t want Steratore to work a local pop warner game.

    If Steratore works any playoff game or even the Pro Bowl then we know its simply just a POLITICAL process.

  7. C’mon Leroy, you know it’s all political. Look at last year’s SB ref who was bad during the season.

  8. All my adult life, my complaints about officiating have been met with : Play better, score more points, get a life. So be it. But most games end in less than two touchdowns. A single blown call can easily result in a 14 point swing. Bad calls decide games, probably more than people are willing to acknowledge. I am a Bills fan (yeah, I know), a different set of officiating decisions COULD have led to a Bills victory. The Jacksonville game in London, in spite of all its ugliness, COULD have been won by Buffalo had it not been for a highly questionable PI call at the end of the game. So the Bills, in an alternate universe could be 7-3, with a different shuffling of the deck. I can take a team sucking. I am a Bills fan. Sucking is almost our birthright. But, I would rather lose because the other team was better, not because the officials are making up as they go along. I rant, and everyone gets sick of hearing about it, but you invest a lot of time an money to support a team. You expect a measure of competence in the officiating. It is not even close in this league.

  9. I can’t wait until some of these officials get a playoff game (and some will) just so I can watch you lose your minds.

  10. Its great that Steratore and his stooges are off this week. Happy Thanksgiving. The next appropriate action for the NFL is to give these guys the rest of the season off.

  11. Yea steratore is now the worst ref this year or second worst to Jeff triplette. My top 3 referees as of this week are

    1. Clete Blekeman
    2. Brad Allen
    3. Craig Wrolstad

    And my prediction for Super Bowl 50 is one of those 3 mentioned will get it! brad Allen has been great this season

  12. Dean, Allen and Wrolstad cannot work the Super Bowl until the 2018 season at the earliest. Need five years as a referee to work the Super Bowl, and they also need playoff experience. Blakeman is eligible for the Super Bowl as a referee for the first time.

    Steratore was pretty much a shoo-in to be the referee for Super Bowl 50 after coming so close last year until his crew screwed up last week. Watch it be Boger.

  13. Chargers at Jaguars is the type of game Boger and his crew should be working.

    wait a minute–it isn’t. Boger shouldn’t be in the NFL in the first place. Let him go back to the MEAC.

  14. The NFL should reduce the officiating crew down to 4 per game and let the players play. Every game is now micro-officiated to the point that each game is now about the officials and no longer football. The NFL needs to make changes going forward or they will lose their fan base.

  15. Deasr Football Zebras,
    F YOU for falling victim to the far left lunatics and not referring to Washington as the REDSKINS.
    It’s the Washington REDSKINS. Repeat, Washington REDSKINS.
    Washington REDSKINS
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  16. David, they decided not to refer Washington by their name because some critics believe the name is racist. Hope this helps.

  17. Thanks for the inside info Walt C. I plan on making a rather large bet on Tampa Bay. Just remember you need to flag the Colts at least 10 times for me to win.I know you won’t let me down.

  18. Will Walt Coleman EVER officiate an Oakland game again in his career since the Tuck Rule game happened over 10 years ago?

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