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Week 5 referee assignments

Terry McAulay will have the Thursday night game between the Colts and the Texans. The Panthers, Dolphins, Vikings, and Jets all have a bye week, and crews for Carl Cheffers, Ed Hochuli, and Craig Wrolstad have this week off.

Thursday, Oct. 8

  • Colts at Texans CBS NFLN — Terry McAulay

Sunday, Oct. 11

  • Bears at Chiefs — Tony Corrente
  • Seahawks at Bengals — John Parry
  • Washington at Falcons — Bill Vinovich
  • Jaguars at Buccaneers — Jerome Boger
  • Saints at Eagles — Ron Torbert
  • Browns at Ravens — Jeff Triplette
  • Rams at Packers — Brad Allen
  • Bills at Titans — Walt Anderson
  • Cardinals at Lions — Gene Steratore
  • Patriots at Cowboys — Clete Blakeman
  • Broncos at Raiders — John Hussey
  • 49ers at Giants NBC — Walt Coleman

Monday, Oct. 12

  • Steelers at Chargers ESPN — Pete Morelli

From Football Zebras editor Ben Austro

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21 thoughts on “Week 5 referee assignments

  1. Jerome Boger deserves better than Jags-Bucs…the man is a true professional and brings his A game every week. Shame on Dean Blandino

  2. Jerry Bergman, Jr. and Greg Wilson should never be allowed to referee an NFL game ever again, especially Detroit Lions games!

  3. So Ed Hochuli has the week off? Good. Jesus he talks so much when he puts that damn mic on. He’s worse than Jerry Markbreit was. And lemme tell ya, we all hated Markbreit.

  4. So, the SJ on Steratore’s crew, Bob Waggoner, who some how worked the SB last season, has missed in the last 2 weeks a 12-man on the field, then INCORRECTLY over-ruled his HL on the Gwin, Jr. TD call in Tampa last Sunday (replay then reversed HIS call to a TD). He is the supervisor of the MAC and Big Ten!! No wonder the crew he picked to work the Illinois-Nebraska game last Sat. screwed a team out of a down by NOT MOVING THE CHAINS!! Two seasons ago he roasted to the goal line on the Baltimore “bomber-oosky” in Denver and let the ball roll during a measurement in a playoff game working with Vinovich!!

  5. By the way, he also hired a woman into the MAC/Big Ten this season who stood up at the summer meeting and SHE told everyone she had not worked a NCAA game before!!! Then ended up working ON THE FIELD for a non-conference game at Iowa this season!!!

  6. How can Walt Anderson have any respect as a crew leader considering how he has defended the incredibly poor officiating by Alan Eck’s crew in the Big 12?

  7. Bill Schuster is doing one he’ll of a job. I enjoy watching him and his entire crew. They ref advantage and disavantage. They don’t take the rule book and treat like it’s the bible. Great job crew.

  8. Ghost- we hated all refs then because they were worse than they are now. I didn’t know everyone hated Jerry. Hoc talks a lot cause he still thinks he’s in a courtroom!! (And ego lol)

  9. I see Triplett’s crew had another stellar game today. Two back to back IC’s fixed by the Coach’s challenge. Both reversed, and the team did not lose any timeouts. Back to back plays! Wow. What did Eck’s crew screw up? Alan usually does a real nice job. Can’t speak for his crew.

  10. I say again Jeff Triplitte should retire. Poor presence, poor mechanics, poor judgment, and his crew reflects the same. There have to be better crew chiefs, and for that matter, better officials available!

  11. A big thumbs-up for Hussey and crew for their job in Broncos at Raiders. They pretty much let the game run and did not call each and every wrangle between CB/WR or on return runs and stuff. Called the real ones fair and square but showed good judgement on the rest of the other contentuous situations. I hope the NFL and other crews would take notice here. Again thanks the JH and crew for a nice game.

  12. I just saw that one guy thought Hussey gonna screw the Raiders but he did not at all! In fact they called the game very balanced, and there were relatively few flags – which was refreshing indeed. Some crews are just ridiculous.

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