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Quick calls: Week 3


We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything confusing, unusual, or controversial, please let us know.


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9 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 3

  1. Middle of the 2nd quarter in Cleveland, manziel comes in as a substitute for one play. Manziel then appears to leave the field but runs a receiver route starting from near the sideline in front of the coaches.

  2. Hi could you explain if there was a foul or not on the Cowboys Rams game when Janoris Jenkins tripped DeMarco Murray before his fumble. Thanks

  3. While you are explaining what Will requested previously, perhaps you could explain whether the calls for holding (on Hayes) and roughing the passer (on Hayes) were correct calls. I believe you should devote some attention to the Cowboy/Ram game as the officiating was very poor to the tune of unfairness.

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