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Quick calls: Week 1


The first Sunday of football is finally upon us. We will have our eyes on the games, but if you see anything unusual or controversial, please let us know..

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7 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 1

  1. On the fumble by the Jets, Mike Carey stated that he thought Smith was down by contact and that the play would stand. The call on the field was a fumble, so if he thought he was down by contact, wouldn’t he have thought the play should be reversed? The play did stand and Jim Nantz said Mike Carey did a good job. I was very confused.

  2. Awful calls by the refs in so many games today. The game of football is being ruined. It is no longer a contact sport, these new rules are awful!

  3. I think I speak for all of Bills Nation in really, really wanting an explanation for that picked up offensive holding flag in the fourth quarter.

  4. How about picking up the flag on a holding penalty in the Bills/Bears game? The officiating throughout the entire game was terrible.

  5. Bengals vs Ravens Why wasn’t Steve Smith flagged for grabbing Pac man jones’s face mask and throwing him to ground on the deep touchdown pass he caught

  6. To the commenters above, my apologies. We had an overaggressive spam blocker this weekend. Hope we have changed the settings correctly now.

    Hopefully someone has a time and quarter for the Bills holding penalty pickup. I have heard a lot on that one.

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