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Week 13 referee assignments

Jerome Boger’s crew is off this week.

Thursday, Nov. 28

  • Packers at Lions Fox — Gene Steratore
  • Raiders at Cowboys CBS — Scott Green
  • Steelers at Ravens NBC — Clete Blakeman

Sunday, Dec. 1

  • Buccaneers at Panthers — Ron Winter
  • Jaguars at Browns — Bill Leavy
  • Titans at Colts — Walt Coleman
  • Broncos at Chiefs — Terry McAulay
  • Bears at Vikings — Carl Cheffers
  • Dolphins at Jets — Mike Carey
  • Cardinals at Eagles — Tony Corrente
  • Falcons vs. Bills (Toronto) — Walt Anderson
  • Rams at 49ers — Bill Vinovich
  • Patriots at Texans — Pete Morelli
  • Bengals at Chargers — John Parry
  • Giants at Redskins NBC — Jeff Triplette

Monday, Dec. 2

  • Saints at Seahawks ESPN — Ed Hochuli

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4 thoughts on “Week 13 referee assignments

  1. @Observer2 Even though it is close to the sideline, it is not the LJ or HL making the call, but the deep wings some 20 yards away (HL/LJ have to watch line of scrimmage.) This was added to replay, because it is difficult for someone to observe the player headed to the bench and the snap at the center of the field at the same time.

  2. Yes, I agree, but in the replacement era, they (announcers, et al) got on the replacements for similar “misses,” in particular Green Bay-Chicago game and the leaving player was OVER but In the white. Just looking for regulars to show they deserve the big raises they got.

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