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Quick calls: Week 10


week10You can follow our coverage on Twitter, and we will also post here some notable calls and describe some of the complicated rulings of the weekend.

If you see something interesting, confusing, or controversial in this week’s games, let’s us know by giving us the quarter and time (if known) and what happened in the comments section below or tweet us.


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5 thoughts on “Quick calls: Week 10

  1. Bengals at Ravens 3rd quarter Baltimore challenges a call of incomplete pass believing it was a fumble as the receivers hand/wrist hit the ground causing the ball to come loose. The call stood after review. I’m curious to hear the roundtable’s opinion on this play review.

  2. @ Sergio

    From what I heard of the call, which I didn’t see myself, that should have been overturned. The wrist is part of the hand and does not put the runner down.

  3. re: missed facemask

    I often wonder which official is suppose to be watching the player with the ball.

    They can catch a hold across the field that has nothing to do with the play…but not what is happening in the middle of the action.

  4. Why was Andy Dalton’s second INT an INT? It looks to me like it’s mutual possession when M. Jones’ knee hits the ground. Not only that, why wasn’t defensive pass interference called?

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