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Preseason week 2 referee assignments

Referee tryouts, advanced training recruits on field Wrolstad keeping an eye on the 49ers during a touchdown celebration (San Francisco 49ers photo)

Craig Wrolstad is one of four officials being evaluated at the referee position this week. Wrolstad worked in Super Bowl XLVII last February.

All times Eastern.

Thursday, Aug. 15

  • Chargers at Bears, 8 p.m. ESPN — Bill Vinovich
  • Falcons at Ravens, 7:30 p.m. — Terry McAulay
  • Lions at Browns, 7:30 p.m. — Wayne Mackie (John Parry’s crew)
  • Panthers at Eagles, 7:30 p.m. — Craig Wrolstad (Walt Coleman’s crew)

Friday, Aug. 16

  • Buccaneers at Patriots, 8 p.m. FOX — Jeff Triplette
  • Vikings at Bills, 7 p.m. — Tony Corrente
  • 49ers at Chiefs, 8 p.m. — Walt Anderson
  • Raiders at Saints, 8 p.m. — Jerome Boger

Saturday, Aug. 17

  • Cowboys at Cardinals, 4:30 p.m. — Clete Blakeman
  • Titans at Bengals, 7 p.m. — Scott Green
  • Jaguars at Jets, 7:30 p.m. — Gene Steratore
  • Dolphins at Texans, 8 p.m. — Adrian Hill (Carl Cheffers’ crew)
  • Packers at Rams, 8 p.m. — Mike Carey
  • Broncos at Seahawks, 10 p.m. — Ronald Torbert (Pete Morelli’s crew)

Sunday, Aug. 18

  • Colts at Giants, 7 p.m. FOX — Ed Hochuli

Monday, Aug. 19

  • Steelers at Redskins, 8 p.m. ESPN — Bill Leavy

Off this week: Ron Winter

Image: San Francisco 49ers photo

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Ben Austro
Ben Austro is the editor and founder of Football Zebras and the author of So You Think You Know Football?: The Armchair Ref's Guide to the Official Rules (on sale now)

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6 thoughts on “Preseason week 2 referee assignments

  1. The only referees who were HL’S I can think of we’re Cal Lepore and Jerry Seeman. No umpire has ever become a Referee.

  2. Also include Tom White and Dale Hamer (who was with Jerry Markbreit’s crew for many years)

  3. Ben: I´m watching new numbers on officials’ shirts (#144, #145, #148, #149, # 154). Can you give us the name of this guys? They don´t appears in the crews you gave us. Thanks in advance

  4. Any official with a number higher than 135 is an advanced training official who is getting some on-field work.

    They don’t show up in the crew lists, because they will only work select preseason games.

    Meant to add that to the post, but I threw this together while I was on vacation. The blessing and the curse that is free wi-fi.

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