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Quick calls, Week 4

We have the regular officials back on the field again this week (officiating assignments). If you see something in one of this afternoon’s games, add it to the comments section of this post or tweet us @footballzebras. We will update this post with the calls that we see.


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2 thoughts on “Quick calls, Week 4

  1. Isn’t also a fouls to have a player run “off” with the out going subs and then just staying in bounds?

  2. A player must go inside the yardage numerals when reporting in, but a player who played the previous down may line up outside of the numerals, provided they did not already walk off. If, say, a WR participates on 3rd down, walks off, but then walks back on for 4th down, he does not have to report inside the yardage numerals if a defender is matched up with him. A special teamer who was not in the 3rd down play or an unmatched in-out-in player (like the WR in the previous example) are both illegal substitutes if they do not go inside the yardage numerals.

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